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What Your Money Used To Be Worth In 1959

October 30, 2008 1 comment

By reference to take home wage packets we can see how things have changed:

7 pounds then is like receiving 112 pounds and 91 pence now

10 pounds then is like receiving 161 pounds and 30 pence now

16 pounds then is like receiving 258 pounds and 08 pence now

If you were left a thousands pounds in a will by your Aunty Ada  in 1959

It is like being left 16,130 pounds now.


Wilf Bell

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John Thomas Hope

October 30, 2008 7 comments

‘Tot’ Hope 1934

In September 1934 The Durham County Advertiser and the Durham Chronicle printed a report of John Thomas Hope’s funeral under the headlines ‘Well Known Sportsman – Funeral of Mr J T  Hope at Ushaw Moor’ This article is typed from a photocopy that has  one or two words that are difficult to establish but here is ‘99%’ of what was reported:

Many mourners attended the funeral at Ushaw Moor Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon of Mr John Thomas Hope, aged 50, of Temperance Terrace, Ushaw Moor. Mr Hope has lived in the village all his life, and was employed at Ushaw Moor Colliery for the past 36 years. For over 17 years he was a chargeman and deputy at the colliery. In former days he captained both Ushaw Moor cricket and football teams, and he was also a successful sprinter. He was at one time treasurer of the Ushaw Moor Workingmen’s Club. He is survived by a widow and one daughter.

A service was conducted in St Luke’s Church, Ushaw Moor, by the Rev. J. H. P. Welby, after which the large cortege, headed by the Ushaw Moor Miners’ Lodge banner and officials, proceeded to the cemetery, where the last rites were performed. The chief mourners were: Mrs R Hope [daughter], Mr and Mrs Wood [brother in law and sister], Doncaster; Mr and Mrs G Hope [brother and sister in law], Tynemouth; Mr W Hope [brother], Durham; Mr and Mrs R Hope, New Brancepeth; Mrs Parker, Middlesborough; Mr and Mrs W Hope, Thornley; Mr J Hope, Ushaw Moor; Mrs J Knox, Ushaw Moor; Mrs Hodgson, Spennymoor; Mr Harper, Cornsay; Mrs Smith , Catchgate; Mrs Finegan, South Moor; Mrs Martin and Mrs Maddison, Sunderland; Mrs Frances, Quebec; Mrs E Smith, Sherburn; Mr Bell, Pity Me; Mr and Mrs J Wallhead, South Moor, Mr and Mrs P George, South Moor; Mrs Walker, Annfield Plain; Mrs Hobson and Mr Palmer, Greencroft; Mrs Stoddart, Mr B Palmer; Mr James Graham, Annfield Plain; Mr and Mrs J Smith, Mr and Ms Mecalfe, Mr J [or L ?} Stewart, Mr and Mrs F[?]ennick, Mr Lewis, Mr and Mrs J  W….? and Mr Russell. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr R W Alderson of Ushaw Moor.

‘Tot’ had scratched his thumb on an iron nail whilst working underground and died of septicemia several days later when in the Royal Victoria Infirmary at Newcastle.

Wilf Bell

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Working Mens Club and Empire

October 30, 2008 3 comments

I lived in Ushaw Moor for the first 30 years of my life and I have always missed it since moving away. I see they have demolished the club and the old Empire or Winnings, and have built new houses all over the place, did the Bush shut down as well if so the Flass must be the only pub left open; it seems as if all the old places in Ushaw Moor have to be knocked down and new houses built, did they build houses on the “rec” behind the club as well, I know things change and things don’t stop the same but to me they have spoiled Ushaw Moor, they will be building on the allotments next if the powers to be get there own way. Did they build on the old Institute, used to have some good times in there playing snooker in the 60s never mind I could go on but I still have my memories of the old working class pit village that it used to be.


Harry Oughton

Ray Jolly

October 30, 2008 2 comments

Hello, am wondering if you can help me please am after some information regarding Ushaw moor as my Grandad, Ray Jolly, working there when he was a boy. He is 76 now and would like some information about some people who worked there and some pictures. If you could help me I would be most grateful if you could reply to

Thank you very much this is the closest link to what i was looking for.

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Melvyn Gray Ushaw Moor in 1938

October 30, 2008 5 comments

I wonder if anyone can help at all? My father was born in Ushaw Moor in 1938 and lived there till he was a teenager in High View, I think it was called. His name’s Melvyn Gray and he was the only child of Bill and Peggy Gray. His best friend was George, but I don’t know his surname.

My sister and I are organising a bit of a birthday do for him as he reaches 70 this year and we’d love to have something from Ushaw Moor from the time he lived there, even if it’s only a memory from someone or a photo of the village at the time. He and my mum live near Durham, so they’re not a million miles away, but my dad’s memories of UM are all of his childhood and it would be great to do something related to that for this milestone birthday.

Any help posted on here would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Rachel Green.

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Ayres and Graces in Jubilee Street, New Brancepeth 1901

October 30, 2008 2 comments

Grace Naisbitt

Aged 36, lived at 31 Jubilee Street with her mum and dad [George [58] and Elizabeth [56]. Also there were Grace’s brother Joseph [31] sister Mary Ann [34] and sister Elizabeth [20].

Grace Reddon

Aged 34, lived at 8 Jubilee Street with her husband George[30] and their children Jane [5] John [3] and Richard [2].

Robert Ayre

Aged 27, lived at 14 Jubilee Street with his wife Annie [27] and their son William [4]

There were other Grace’s around e.g. Grace Fairless – aged 3 months and living with dad Thomas [38] and mother Mary Ann [34] at 47 Eshwood Street. Siblings were: Elizabeth [8] George Naisbett Fairless [13] and Aaron [10].

Wilf Bell

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My Ancestors the Vasey’s

October 30, 2008 2 comments

On the 1891 census My  ancestors the Vasey’s were living at 22 Cockhouse lane, on the 1901 census they were living at 31 Dale st. When my Grt Grandad married in 1909 he was living at 343 Broompark. I remember my Grandad who was born in 1911 saying his dad was one of 13 children and looking at my findings he was right.

I wonder if there are any vasey’s still living in Ushaw Moor today.

Regards Edward Vasey.

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