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Memories of Ushaw Moor

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

My connection with ushaw moor is I am a cousin of Valerie Snaith, my maternal grandfather was John Bell of Cockhouse farm, my paternal grandfather was steward of “Cub House” in Ushaw Moor. I lived in New Brancepeth until 1955 when along with Mum & Dad & brother Duncan emigrated to Australia.

I have been back to England a couple of times and am again coming in June 2010. I certainly enjoy visiting ushaw moor cricket club where my fathers photo is still on the wall. would enjoy meeting you during my visit.

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Brief Notes On 1967 And More On The Bucket List

March 5, 2009 Leave a comment

In 1967  Ushaw Moor Cricket Club entertained Etherley Cricket Club.The Moor batted first and reached a modest total of 123. It would have been less had it not been for Alan Bibby’s 33 runs and Jimmy Dumighan’s undefeated 26. In reply Etherley succumbed to almost a  one man bowling display from George Delap: he took 7 wickets for 43 runs. Ushaw Moor won by 29 runs.

In the same year that  illustrious local – Jack Joyce – passed away.

It was a good year for the Ushaw Moor ‘A’ Team in the Durham Morning Sunday Football League – in that it  finished runners up in the second division. Two years later it finished champions of the league’s first division.

You might have read my reference to the ‘Bucket List’ in my article entitled ‘This and That’. The big question is do we grow old gracefully or as magnificently as talent, time and money permit? I have been looking at the next twelve months and wondering whether my plans are exciting yet realistic. Yes the plans are exciting because I think they are – it is all about approach and enthusiasm. What parameters should I set myself and what should my considerations be? Well I believe that any ‘annual Bucket List’ should, in totality, include a mixture of activities such as: physical exercise, mental exercise, creativity, practicality and some shared activities with my far better half. Having worked all that out the hard work begins – but I will only make it a recurring theme on this site if you specifiically request it. It is a memories site after all!