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Ushaw Moor Ration Book – Arthur Rowland

Hi….I purchased this ration book from The War and Peace Show…And thought you may like to use the photo for your interest . Sally Barter

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Wise Words But Not So Much From Me

July 30, 2015 Leave a comment

And the first batch is an extract from Howard Nattrass’s letter to the Guardian a few days ago, and I quote:

Mindfulness is essentially about the self-regulation of our emotions – learning how to avoid unduly negative reactions to events in our lives – and how to live fully in the moment without ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. It is true that other activities can have a similar effect when we throw ourselves into them.

The trouble is that too few of us are knitting, walking, writing poems, picking flowers and chasing butterflies.

end of quote.

Well, what do you think of that? I have never knitted in my life. A Walk is brilliant if one is physically able to do it. Poems are beyond me [as well as some so called poets]. What were you doing in 1938, 1948, 1958, 1968 and 1978? Were you alive during any of those periods? Were you knitting or snookering? Some people might have been technically alive without being, well, alive – if you get me.

Mindfulness is excellent and all the rage at the moment but you have to get it in perspective. There are great things to be done that involve looking back [otherwise some historians might be on the breadline in Tory land and goodness help them in that wood]. Paul’s smashing site would also seem like bad medicine in mindfulness land when in fact it is good medicine, if you do not overdose.

I feel obliged to come up with at least one example of great things to be done. To help me with that I have another extract, this time from my Reading University lecturer’s assessment of my work:

You have a huge advantage over the rest of the group, in that you can draw on a close-knit community that most outsiders [down South anyway] don’t know much about, so you will have an eager audience. I do hope that you will continue to write so that can pass your experiences on to your family.

end of quote

So it seems you must write for the sake of your family. Some people know very little about their grandparents or even parents! You can explore and remedy this. And one way of doing it is to be stimulated by Paul Clough’s site. Get reading and writing. Keep Paul happy, print it off, and  light up your family history like a Christmas tree.


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The Answer Is 22.580645% – And The Evidence Is On Site – But What Is The Question?

July 1, 2015 Leave a comment

This is not a smart Alec gloat. Let me take you back to the approach to Christmas in 1959. Wilf Bell, without a tie or style, parading with the rest of 4A in a Christmas party photograph. Except that one of them, Joyce Richardson, was not a member of 4A – not that she claimed to be.

Get on with it Wilf. Get on with it.The answer to the question is that the percentage figure given above represents the error rate in name spellings and details of the thirty one youngsters  present. They might be one, or even two, more errors.The details revealed:

Allan Dunn [not Alan – understandable error] – Robert Moore [not Moor] – Dennise Pinkney???? [let me tell you, Denis, that is right, Denis, was a fine young man, goodish winger and Boys’ Brigade stalwart.

Jillian Cruddace [not Gillian – understandable error].  Incidentally, I too made that error when producing the 4A and Friends book/magazine back in 2001; to her credit she never mentioned it to me at the subsequent reunion.

Audrey Thompson  [not thomson, as far as I am aware] – Sandra Forster [not Foster].

Edith Snaith??? No, Edith has always been tricky, chatting away, laughing and illuminating like a candle on a tree [as Christmas approaches] but her maiden name was Smith. A man called Arthur could confirm that.

At least someone had a go at writing the names for posterity, so yes there is no gloating. How often do you look at old photos without helpful names, dates and places to guide and inform you? In this case, the effort was made.


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