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St Lukes Church – Religious History

April 10, 2010 1 comment

Church Of England

The first Church of England services were held in the homes of miners at Ushaw Moor Colliery and, as membership grew, a corrugated structure was erected over the hill at Ushaw Moor. This new St. Luke’s was part of the Esh parish and in 1911 the Rev. Davies, vicar in charge at Esh, complained in his magazine about the carelessness at St. Lukes. It appears that during a Sunday evening service one of the oil lamps suspended from the ceiling had fallen over and started a fire. Owing to the confusion which followed the offering had been forgotten and he chastised the officials for this neglect. He was in fact a caring minister and urged the other churches to contribute towards a new building at Ushaw Moor. Mr.Hodgson-Fowler the Durham architect, was commissioned to draw the plans for a new church which was originally designed to accommodate 302 worshippers but later altered to seat 256. St. Luke’s opened in May 1918 under the new vicar the Rev. W. Brown who was succeeded in 1923 by the Rev. J.H.P.Welby,M.A., a remarkable man whose kindness was often abused by those he helped. I understand that the letter ‘P’ in his initials stood for Pugin and he is reputed to have been related to the architect mentioned in the section about Ushaw College. During his thirty- five years as vicar of St. Luke’s his kindly and sometimes eccentric behaviour endeared him to his parishioners. One story tells how, during a winter morning service, he left a trail of water down the aisle of the church, leaking from a hot water bottle secured beneath his cassock for warmth.

John Welby died in 1958 and in his honour a new church hall was opened on the 7th September, a fitting tribute to a great man.

From 1913 until 1947 Ushaw Moor remained quite a small parish. New Brancepeth was added in this year, but returned to Brandon again in 1962 when Broompark was added from Bearpark.

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Autobiography of Frank Proctor

March 9, 2010 1 comment

Brian McLoughlin 23rd June 2004

I read the “Autobiography of Frank Proctor” some time ago and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I would recommend this book to any of the older generation in Ushaw Moor.

Frank was a very strong character who went as a very young man with a number of friends to work on the farms in Canada. He suffered homesickness as one by one his friends returned to the Ushaw Moor area and he was left alone in a strange country thousands of miles away from his home.

He was a very strong Christian and it was his faith that carried him through these difficult times. He was, as a young man, very strongly influenced by Vicar John Welby who was the vicar at Saint Lukes CE Church on the Esh Winning road.

He married in Canada and shortly after joined the Regina Rifles and served with the Canadian Army in Europe throughout the entire Second World War. He managed to visit Ushaw Moor on leave a couple of times during the War.

This man was a tribute to his home village and the hard times he suffered as a young man. His faith in God had a major bearing on his life but this book is about Franks’ life and his family.

His early memories of Ushaw Moor are fascinating, his mother was stewardess at the “Bush” at the bottom of the village for a while.

Again I would recommend anyone of the older generation to read the book.

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