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Time and space – memories.

September 5, 2016 2 comments

I watched the TV programme presented by Professor Brian Cox in relation to Space/Time.  He pointed out that the Earth in its orbit around the Sun travels at appromately 66,000 miles per hour.  At the same time the Earth is spinning on its axis  at 1,000 miles per hour slowing gradually towards the Poles.  Any sense of motion yet?

Our Solar System takes 225 million years to complete an orbit of our Galaxy.  So it takes the Earth being held by the Suns gravity the same period of time to complete the orbit.  Mathematicians have worked it out that the Sun is travelling through space at an astonishing speed of 483 thousand miles per hour.  So we have three speeds to get our head around.

1. Earth/Sun orbit 66,000 miles per hour.

2. Earths spinning on its axis approximately 1,000 miles per hour.

3. Our Solar System orbit of our Galaxy 225 million years at speed of 483,000 miles per hour.  Confused yet.

So if we think of an event which happened two hours ago across the road we think we are still in the same place where it happened.  We are in one sense but in another we are not.  Still with me?  Since the event happened two hours ago  the Earth in its orbit around the Galaxy has travelled 483,000 x 2 equalling  960,000 miles.  So the memory happened almost 1 million miles away in the past.  Got your head around that?  Yet in another sense you are still sitting fifty yards away from where it actually happened.  Rather confusing.  So when I was eight years old and was standing underneath the wooden bridges which carried the railway across the New Brancepeth road terrified by the screaming of the timbers carrying the weight of the train and the thought of the bridge collapsing on my head that place minus the bridges is still there.  However the earth plus the bridge (still with me?) was the number of hours in seventy years times 483,000 miles  back in its orbit around the Galaxy so that particular event happened billions of miles away in space.

So memories are just not about time but also as Brian Con puts it they are also about Space   The earth stays on its annual orbit around the Sun but the Sun due to gravity is dragging the Earth along with it through its Galactic orbit so where we are now in Space where no one has been before.

Life is complcated.


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Number 13

September 5, 2016 1 comment

I have been on Facebook and reading an entry about Fir Park. One post asked why there was no number 13. Shortly after the Second World War the Government announced a building programme to build millions of Council houses now referred to as Social Housing. Brandon and the whole of the Deerness Valley Was in the area of the Brandon and Byshottles Urban District Council as the local Council was then known. The Council employed an Architect at that time named Fred Hedley. Mr Hedley designed most of the Council houses built in the area since the 2nd World War. The first house to miss the number was 13 Victoria Court. Mr and Mrs Gillon with Gordon, Dennis, Owen and Malcolm moved into number 12 and next door was Mr and Mrs Smaith and the twins Arthur and Albert and Ken at number 14. This omission was a source of local gossip and I remember the explanation for the omission was that Fred Hedley as he was referred to disliked number 13 hence the omission. Victoria Court was the first phase completed followed by Whitehouse Court then Bracken Court. After completion part of the wood was ripped out and the Oakridge Road area was then developed. Oakridge Road was beautiful when first built, open and a lot of grass. Now in this modern world the beauty of the area is spoiled by numerous parked vehicles, but that applies to most places now. Incidentally Fred Hedley won a National Award for the design of and old persons complex on the left of Newhouse Road in Esh Winning before Newhouse St. Mary’s Church. My family were amongst the first sixteen families to move into the new estate in January 1947. The last four houses and the first eight houses in Whitehouse Court and the last four houses in Victoria Court were the first houses lived in. We moved into 38 Victoria Court. Brian Mc.

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West Terrace – Esh Winning Cine-Videos

December 8, 2015 Leave a comment

Came across these Cine-Vids the other day, not quite Ushaw Moor but still Deerness Valley – Anyone fill in the gaps ?

Old Maps – The Changing Village through the Ages

March 25, 2014 7 comments








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Dale Street, Maple Park, Aldridge Ct

November 7, 2011 5 comments

I was quite struck by the comments about Ladysmith Terrace and who lived there in the 1970′s.

It seems like so long ago that I grew up in Ushaw Moor. My parents seemed to love moving house. In fact I lived in four separate houses there. I started in Dale Street. From what I can remember the following kids lived in our street. David and Andrew Richardson, Colin Hird, Dawn and Paul Smirthwaite, Stephen and David Hagar, Paul and Karen Macalevey.

By the time I was seven I had moved to Maple Park, which probably was the most community spirited place I have ever lived. Once again loads of nice families and lots of kids. There was Michael Melia who lived near the Hutchinsons, who had a couple of kids. Across the gap was Dennis Hunter and his sister Tracy. Next Door to them was the Moralee family, James, Paul, Susan and Stephen. The next Family across the gap was The Cross family, who had Kevin, Alan, Carol and Alison. Next door to them as the Willis family who had a few kids although I can only remember Stephen. Next door to them was the Tones family who had Christine and Barry. Further up the street was the Graysons who had twins Neville and Tom and their sister Sandra. Two doors along from them were the George family who had two daughters one called Susan and I cant remember the other one. Myself and our kid lived in 22 facing the green. Just down from us were the Morgans Alan and Bernadette and next door to them were the Thompsons Robert, Stephen, Gary and their sister who’s name escapes me. Finally there was the Elwick’s on the end house who had two daughters one called Anita.

I moved from there to Aldridge Court, which was far more spaced out, but at least the houses had central heating and finally Hall avenue, which is where I lived until I left the village in 1988.

I loved living there and wouldn’t have swapped my childhood for the world.


Posted on behalf of Michael

Ladysmith Terrace 1970

October 31, 2011 9 comments

My neighbours in Ladysmith Terrace early 70’s

Ladysmith Terrace				1970's

No		Adults				Children

Vicarage	Terry & Brenda Towers		Amanda and Anthony
32		Tommy Bewick
31		Anne & Jack Hopper
30		Jill & George Rose		Mellisa, Wendy
29		Ken & Margaret Clough		Paul & Lisa
28		Barry & Val Thomas		Julie
27		Miss Morley
26		Mrs Stoddart
25		Tommy & Ruby Stoddart
24		Ann & Billy Close
23		Lorna & Ralph Pattinson
22		Johhny & Brenda Mcquillan	Tommy,Katherine, Pat & Shaun
21		Billy Lowery

1-20 Was Demolished, I think sometime after the war.

Does anyone remember exactly when the lower part of the street was demolished and why ? I always thought it was due to subsidence.


From The Original Archives – An Alf Rothwell Production

August 11, 2011 11 comments

Following on from the popularity of Brian’s Victoria Court epic I have fished out Alf’s Whitehouse Court post from Wednesday October 31st 2007.

### Re-edited with TXT version of list,, so now searchable within BLOG## Paul

Whitehosue Court 1947 -- by Alf Rothwell

No	Adults				Children

1	Mr & Mrs Harrison		Billy and Betty
2	Mr & Mrs Ware			Ernie
3	Mr & Mrs Bowery		        John, Jimmy, Doris & Ronnie
4	Mr & Mrs Payne			Jack & Billy
5	Applebys
6	Emery or Harrison
7	Mr & Mrs O'Connor		Jack & Kathleen
8	?				?
9	Mr & Mrs Hume
10	?				?
11	Grandma Lillingworth
12	Mr & Mrs Dickinson		Dennis, Tom & older brother
14	Mr & Mrs Comerford
15	Mr & Mrs Howard		        Peter
16	Mr & Mrs Wilson		        Alan
17	Winter				John Kidd
18	?
19	Mr & Mrs Stafford		Kathleen & Joyce
20	Mr & Mrs P Rothwell		Sarah & Alan
21	Mr & Mrs Oyston
22	Mr & Mrs Lumley		        Chris
23	Mr & Mrs Welsh
24	Mr & Mrs Gibb			Tom & Barry
25	Mr & Mrs J Rothwell		Alfie
26	Mrs Wren			Arthur
27	Bevington ?
28	Mr & Mrs Thompson
29	Mr & Mrs Marriott		Margaret & Billy
30	Mr & Mrs Myers
31	Mr & Mrs Rhodes
32	Mr & Mrs Robinson 		Albert & Dorothy
33	Mr & Mrs Flatley		Barnie
34	Mr & Mrs Gargett		(Later)
35	Mrs Mills
36	Blackett ?
37	Mr & Mrs Hudson
38	Mr & Mrs Coulhard		Derek
39	Kirtley ?
40	Mr & Mrs Lumb			Brian
41	Pinkney ?
42	?
43	Pinkney ?
44	Mr & Mrs Clark			Gloria & Frank
45	Mr & Mrs Nattrass		Sylvia
46	Mr & Mrs Henderson		Harry the postman
47	Mr & Mrs McQuillan 		Tom, John & Loretta
48	Later				Jack & Sheila Pickard
49	?
50	Hird ?
51	Gray ?
53					Gillon ?
55	Quigley ?
56	Mr & Mrs Strong
57	Mr & Mrs Hope
58	Mr & Mrs Greenwell		Joan & Billy
59	Mrs & Mrs Clark

The ‘click to make larger’ [x2] works. WB

 Whitehouse Court 1947 onwards

WhitehouseCourt1947onwards.jpg image by cloughie68

WhitehouseCourt1947onwards001.jpg image by cloughie68

The 1,000th house

February 23, 2011 10 comments

The 1,000th house to be completed at Ushaw Moor, July 10th 1953.

Think it is White House Court

Alan Burdess – i think it looks like oakridge road

Does anyone have any more info. on this photo.

Location: Ushaw Moor
County: Co Durham

From The Beamish Collection