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Ladysmith Terrace 1970

October 31, 2011 9 comments

My neighbours in Ladysmith Terrace early 70’s

Ladysmith Terrace				1970's

No		Adults				Children

Vicarage	Terry & Brenda Towers		Amanda and Anthony
32		Tommy Bewick
31		Anne & Jack Hopper
30		Jill & George Rose		Mellisa, Wendy
29		Ken & Margaret Clough		Paul & Lisa
28		Barry & Val Thomas		Julie
27		Miss Morley
26		Mrs Stoddart
25		Tommy & Ruby Stoddart
24		Ann & Billy Close
23		Lorna & Ralph Pattinson
22		Johhny & Brenda Mcquillan	Tommy,Katherine, Pat & Shaun
21		Billy Lowery

1-20 Was Demolished, I think sometime after the war.

Does anyone remember exactly when the lower part of the street was demolished and why ? I always thought it was due to subsidence.


Sergeant W. Dennis “Geordie” Belshaw

October 2, 2010 Leave a comment

1808996 RAF – Flight Engineer

Dennis was born on October 8th, 1923, in Ladysmith Terrace, Ushaw Moor, Durham, the only son of Dorothy and Arthur Belshaw. He had an older sister, Dorothy, who sadly died at the age of eight, when Dennis was six, and a younger sister,Vera, who was born not long after Dorothy’s death. His father diedwhen he was eight years old, and the family moved to Bearpark.

He left school at 14 years of age and was a delivery boy for a local shop, until starting work in the store at 16, with a view to eventually training as a manager.

He joined the RAF in 1941 at the age of 18, and received his wings in 1943. He and the crew flew many sorties together, until that fateful day in June when they were shot down over Belgium. After initially receiving help from the resistance, Dennis was eventually was captured, and was a POW in Stalag Luft 3 until the end of the war.

On being demobbed, Dennis undertook a government training programme in place for returning men and women, and he chose to become a painter and decorator, eventually becoming a sales executive in later years. He married Lettie just after the war, and they had an only daughter, Anne. They also had two grandchildren, Richard and Elizabeth,to whom Dennis was to speak of his time in the war, the only time he did so in any detail. Dennis sadly died in his late sixties.

via Peter Knox in Belgium – Knox Family Chronicles Knoxetal.

Barbara Porter Australia Feb. 24th 2004

March 20, 2010 2 comments

From Original Ushaw Moor Memories BLOG

Barbara Porter Australia Feb. 24th 2004

My grandfather Frederick Vickers worked at the Ushaw Moor coal mine and lived at 29 Ladysmith Tce. All his children were born there including my mother Jane, born 1916. During WW11 I went to live with my grandparents for a short while and went to Ushaw Moor Infant School. I often saw Vicar Welby as the manse was at the end of Ladysmith Tce and I once went to tea there. My grandfather owned a big allotment in front of Ladysmith Tce where he grew vegetables and kept hens and pigs. Neighbors would come to buy fresh vegetables from him and Chrysanthemums when available. I spent many hours in summer collecting blackberries for my grandmother’s yummy blackberry and apple pies. No one seemed to worry about us wandering off on our little adventures in those days although I was very young.

via Memories of Ushaw Moor: Barbara Porter Australia Feb. 24th 2004.