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Urgently Needed: Sack Bell And Get A Fresh Take

June 3, 2016 3 comments

It is true that in the past I have issued two false alarms about my departure from this site but this time it is absolutely on the money. It is time for me to go. Although it has been a lovely ten years in your company I have pressing needs in other corners of the galaxy well away from Ushaw Moor.

You see,  I have about twenty people to impress in a few months time. They expect fabulous food prepared by my wife and I that will amount to a miracle and a theatrical delight.The diners will need to switch off their mobiles just prior to the performance. I also have  essays to complete and they are very time consuming and rather different in nature to the material I have provided on this site! If that was not enough I have a family history project to crank up.

In my opinion the site does need one or more guest writers on the WordPress facility in order to keep the momentum going. I feel that in doing so such writers will help Paul in his sterling effort to keep the whole site fresh. As I see it would be useful if such a writer or writers could explore and prompt readers [rather more than I have done] regarding  the period from about 1960.

The preceding paragraph is just my opinion. When all it said and done it is Paul that owns and runs the site.




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