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Photos – Kate Clayton – Ushaw Moor School 1959

April 1, 2014 8 comments

Photos posted on behalf of Kate Clayton

Sorry About the POOR quality, I have enhanced them best I could. PC

teachers at Ushaw Moor school July 1959

Teachers at Ushaw Moor school July 1959, as the all age school closed. Miss Bailes stands out with the white hair.
Temperence Tce in the background where I lived.


Photo is taken the same day and is of some of my class plus some older girls that lived near, visiting old school. Margaret Turnbull, Jean Hodgson, Sandra Ness, all older. Susan, Judith, and others whose names escape me!

Concert of pupils attending Ushaw Moor School 1939

March 20, 2014 Leave a comment
Concert of pupils attending Ushaw Moor School 1939

Concert of pupils attending Ushaw Moor School 1939

Submitted on behalf of Margaret Thompson :

1939 Concert of pupils attending Ushaw Moor School, Esh Road. I don’t know many of the people in the image, maybe you do! Back Row first left is Agnes Alderson, my mother Margaret Anderson is front row second from the right.

Memories PHOTOS – by Patsy Hopkins – Broompark, St.Josephs, Ushaw Moor Secondary Modern

February 8, 2014 112 comments

PHOTOS Posted on behalf of Patsy Hopkins – CLICK IMAGES FOR BIGGER PHOTO


This was taken in the Loves Hotel in Broompark, not sure when but certainly in the early fifties.
Pat Fehily is second from the left, Pat Neary is third from the right standing up, drinking.
I would be guessing if I gave other names – I think Mr Clark is on there and Mr Burlison.
Others will know I hope.
I have no idea why the photo was taken but the Loves was where all the men went and we kids used to go to the hatch that opened at the end of the bar and try to catch our dad’s eye to get crisps bought for us. It usually worked.

First Holy Communion service at St. Josephs, around the mid 50's. left to right...Dennis Campbell, unknown, Bryan Fehily, Ronny Nightingale..

First Holy Communion service at St. Josephs, around the mid 50’s.
left to right…Dennis Campbell, unknown, Bryan Fehily, Ronny Nightingale..


This was my class at the secondary modern school in Ushaw Moor, and was taken June 24th 1964.
the class had been bigger than this but I am guessing others left as soon as the exams were over while this group hung around a bit longer.
I think that in general we had been sorry to be leaving.. Those in this class was from several of the surrounding villages.
back row: Billy Jones, Ian Bailey, Kenny Rowlinson, Ian Maguire, Jim Grossert.
next row: ? ,?, David Hepburn, Andrew Rome, Trevor Nancarrow.
next row: Judith Rudge, Avril Storey, Kathleen Holmes, Joan Mountain, Patsy Fehily.
front row: Ann Stoddart, Elsa Fleming, Jean Thorpe, Carole Sewell, Marion Carr, Catherine Rowan, Marjorie Skillcorn.
others were Colin Gott, Keith Newman, Colin Hindmarsh, Derek Toase, Joan Cowan, Barbara Hutton, Rod Buchanan.
I dont know what happened to most of the class and sadly not all are still with us. However I do still talk to and see Ann Stoddart regularly.

I hope those who check the Blog are interested to see these.
Patsy H.

The Long Hot Summer – What do you remember Doing in the School Holidays ?

July 3, 2012 3 comments

Been a little quiet on here for a while….

The Summer School Holidays are nearly upon us.

What do you remember about the summer holidays ?

What did you do ?

Where did you go ?

Tell us all about it.

1976 is most remembered for the great drought.

The Summer of 1976 was one of the best summers ever in the UK. London had a record June temperature of 95°F (we thought in Fahrenheit then!). We had a heatwave that went on for weeks and weeks. I can remember the ground cracking and the tar on the road melting. And yes, there was a hosepipe ban; but to a nine year old it seemed a small price to pay!

In some areas people had their water supply turned off for most of the day to conserve water. Hosepipe bans were across the country and even firemen in the New Forest were told not to put out forest fires.

My aunt struggled to recall just how long the school holidays were during the summer but had a strong feeling that they were less than six weeks! During each summer her family holidays were often based in boarding houses in places such as South Shields and Redcar. The fresh smell of the sea and teeth threatening sticks of rock are evocative memories. WB

Class of 1948 at Ushaw Moor Primary School

January 21, 2012 1 comment

Hi, am writing on behalf of my friend Val who has mislaid her school photograph. Does anybody by any chance have a school photograph of the class of 1948 at Ushaw Moor Primary School, the photo would have Valerie Knox and Lorna Johnson, Lily West and Miriam Jackson.

Really hoping someone has this and can help out! Thanks again


Posted on behalf of Trina Stanton

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Ushaw Moor school football team 1946/7

December 29, 2011 8 comments

Ushaw Moor school football team 46-47

Posted on behalf of Peter Clarke

Can anyone identify any teachers or members of the football team.

This photograph came to me by way of a distant relative Ray Wilkinson who I am sure will be on the photographs somewhere.

Cheers Peter Clarke

Ushaw Moor Memories

July 20, 2011 1 comment

Came across this photo, wondered if anyone had any more info on it, date etc.

Ushaw Moor Memories.

Ushaw Moor Secondary School - Date Unknown


Overcrowded School Buildings In The 50s

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

This topic was raised in the House of Commons on 26/05/1960. The records show that Mr Blyton put it to the then minister, Sir David Eccles, that in light of the fact that his Department had cut the building programme for Durham County Council over the previous seven years he should therefore be decent and apologise to that council.

Sir David Eccles revealed that nine secondary Modern schools schools had been deleted from the 1956/7 building programme, namely: Hartlepool, Stockton, West Auckland, Egglescliff, Peterlee, Spennymoor, Durham, Ushaw Moor and Seaham Harbour.

In the event the Ushaw Moor building was started a little later and was up, ready and open in early April 1959. Harry Barlow had taken us to  have a look around it in about autumn 1958.


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Ushaw Moor Junior School Football Team 1981

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Back Row
Stephen Guy. Adrian Traylen. Nathan Brown. Wayne Kilbourne.

…Second Row
Philip Jackson. Kevin Stangroom. Stewart Anderson. Neil Watson. Neil Miley.

Front Row
Gary Toase. Richard Whittaker. Paul Robson. Glynne Hall. Stephen Scott.

Jim Whittaker






An alumnus of Ushaw Moor Mixed Infants

An alumnus of Ushaw Moor Mixed Infants, I well remember Mr Trotter and the two Misses Bates; the reputedly haunted house with a stuffed gorilla in its hall; the doctor’s surgery in Arthur Street which had a huge model tractor to beguile childish attention; the cinema in ?Station Road, where my mother took me to see ’Pinnochio’; climbing the ’magic steps’ up the hillside, on a Sunday’s walk. I never forgave Lord Robens, for sending us to Nottinghamshire!

Percival Turnbull – 2006-06-19 14:58:17

via Ushaw Moor Community Guestbook.

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