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Bearpark In 2001 via Willington Town Hall!

August 12, 2011 1 comment

If you go into Google [world not just UK] and search  –  Willington Town Hall – up comes Willington Town Hall at about five items down the page.

Now click on it and scroll down a few pages. There you will see lots of census 2001 facts about the people of Bearpark. Good stuff. After all we occasionally do bits about other than the Moor and this is one more!


Margaret Thingyson

August 27, 2009 4 comments

I am trying to find information on my family. My mum is Margaret thingyson and she lived in Bearpark (about 1940 to 1950) in one of the railway houses and went to school at St. Joseph’s in Ushaw Moor. Her younger brother was Michael thingyson and he also attended St. Joseph’s. Their parents were Frank and Alice thingyson and they worked for LNER at the Bearpark signal box. Alice would do one shift and Frank would do the other shift. Initially I was attempting to find some pictures of Bearpark station but I have found none but I did find the Ushaw website which has some great bits on it. One is a picture of my mum’s school class but half the class are missing from the picture (she is one of the missing). I would love to hear from anyone who can remember the thingyson’s.

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Paul Clough