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Anderson’s Grocery shop around 1935, Station Road

March 20, 2014 1 comment
Andersons Grocery shop 1935

Andersons Grocery shop 1935

Submitted on behalf of Margaret Thomspon :

Anderson’s Grocery shop around 1935 in Station Road. My mother Margaret and her sister Nancy standing at the entrance. The shop was situated next door to Arthur Lough’s shoe shop. It was later passed on to my Aunt Rosie Smith and then to Mabel Luke and her husband Norman Lee. Mabel’s mother and father owned Luke’s fish and chip shop below the grocery shop.


Comments from Facebook Memories GROUP

  • Paul Clough Another great shot. Not seen this one before
  • Margaret Thompson I do not think there is another photo of this shop around this time, it has only ever been mentioned as a memory by Peter Howarth before.
  • Audrey Tidbury Cooper Staniland Lovely photo!. I guess my mother (nee Gladys Jolly} would have shopped there. She lived in Station House with her parents and i was born in 1935.

Old Store Ushaw Moor

January 31, 2010 21 comments

Broughs store at the bottom

of Station Road operated a delivery service which covered a large

area of the Deerness Valley. They created employment for at least

22 people in 1914.

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