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Paul W Rodaway’s Little Gem

March 15, 2016 3 comments

Well I have read  quite a bit more of the gem and I have to say it is an ‘authentic’ jewel. To me his work deserved a distinction grade [not that I am really qualified to make that judgement] but I have no idea whether that accolade was awarded or was even a possibility within the marking scheme.

Having done a bit of googling it appears that Mr Rodaway is an author although I might be wrong. There is a book called – Sensuous Geographies: Bodies Sense and Place – mentioned on that might well be his work.  I might purchase it.



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Stumbling Upon An Ushaw Moor Gem!

March 9, 2016 3 comments

Well it looks like it. I have only skim read this resource but it will surely catch the imagine of some of you.

Just google:    Ushaw Moor Paul W Rodaway

It is a thesis written in 1987 and within it you will find photographs and extensive analysis of the village!

Your comments will be appreciated.


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Events And Places Gone?

March 7, 2016 2 comments

This piece is merely a gut reaction to what seems to be Brian’s despair about the erosion of community.There are many that feel like him, especially those that experienced a community’s warm embrace.However I know that a healthy community life of sorts remains in Ushaw Moor and the rest of the UK; of course it will never be identical to times that are gone. The past is dead, it does not exist other than in  our memories and the patchwork of physical remains, but even those are often updated and reappraised.

Many people point to Margaret Thatcher as the destroyer of heavy industry and its surrounding comfort blanket of strong community. But her determination to destroy the National Union Of Mineworkers was understandable, given her political position; however we must not forget that her tribe, although currently in power, were and still are in the minority in the UK. If you want the Samuel Smiles mentality that urged self help at the expense of collective maturity, or think it right to be be driven by the desire to make huge sums of money, with its risk of losing sight of what really matters [at least to some people], then she was your women and you were ‘one of them’. Hopefully well rounded personalities will eventually spot how unsavoury her tribe is. And by the way, do not let them persuade you that we are all middle class now. Whatever middle class means.

One of the problems  is that the Tories try to sell you the idea of trickle down wealth. The trouble with that is that it seldom trickles down enough and too often pours thickly into the Tory pig troughs.

Still there is  much to enjoy and everyone has their own view of what that means.There is a wide choice of activities and lifestyles for us to consider these days, unless of course you rely on food banks and experience tough financial circumstances. For me strong family ties and wider friendships can be a joy, just as in olden times, and that is the line I intend to carry on taking.



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Ushaw Moor St. Joseph’s AFC

March 4, 2016 5 comments

A final contribution from the Advertiser of 1968  reveals some details of the football club’s annual general meeting. It was reported that the club had a successful season in 1967/8 having been runners up in the Durham and District League. They had also had a good run in the Brandon Aged Miners’ Cup.

Officials elected were: Chairman, M Gallagher; Vice-chairman A Dodds; Treasurer A Jones; Secretary G Gillon.

The  committee comprised: A Kelly, K Wardman, A McGarr, S Howard [maybe, difficult to read] and G Ho-inson [again difficult to read].

I guess that would be Keith Wardman who died a few years ago and got much deserved and absolutely wonderful and heartfelt tributes on his demise.

I very nearly met Keith in 1998 after a 38 year absence. Sadly I had run out of money and time. I wanted to buy him a pint or two.He was at Esh Winning Football Club and I was stuck in  Ushaw Moor without a financial bank in sight. I had the funds but not on me.

A Jones – would that have been Alan Jones a fellow school team footballer? If so I can say he was a good young player in the 1959/60 season but sadly in a pretty punchless forward line.



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Ushaw Moor Has Cause For Pride

March 3, 2016 Leave a comment

So said the Durham County Advertiser back in 1968. It was a feature about the then 90 year old Mr James Clark and his son Mr John Thomas Clark. The father was very proud of the fact that his son was about to be consecrated Suffragen Bishop of Kingston, Jamaica.The senior Clark had himself done well having been president of the Ushaw Moor Miners’ Lodge for 38 years.

John Thomas Clark was educated at Ushaw Moor Council School and earned a B.A. degree at Durham University. Soon afterwards, in 1930, he moved to Jamaica. He had been encouraged by the much loved  Rev. J. H. P. Welby to go to Jamaica and serve the Church as a layman. He moved up the ranks and in 1968 was on the eve of the notable honour mentioned above.




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Bearpark or Beerpark?

March 3, 2016 1 comment

This post has significant potential, but only if there is a strong element of controversy that

can be fanned by  interested parties. How should it come out of the mouth: is it a grizzly

bear or a pint of bitter beer?

The reason I ask is that during our recent break in the North East a lovely relation of mine,

from Sacriston,  expressed the view that the bears have it, the bears have it. I went for

beer; real men do that sort of thing.


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Turnbulls and Murray Loved Rabbits?

March 2, 2016 11 comments

While we wait for Ushaw Moor and Sleetburn 1968 [2 of 2] what about rabbits?

In 1968 The Durham County Advertiser reported that a rabbit show took place in Ushaw Moor  Village Hall. I have to admit that I have never heard of such a show. The judge was a Mr J S Turnbull of Bearpark. The secretary was another Turnbull – Mr J Turnbull. The outstanding exhibitor was a Mr P Murray of Ushaw Moor.

So are you a Turnbull or a Murray?  Any connection?


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Ushaw Moor And Sleetburn 1968 [1 of 2]

March 2, 2016 2 comments
  • A Sleetburn outing involved 20 coaches. I reckon that is about 800 people. Destination South Shields. Every child was given ten shillings [a lot of money then]. So was that organised by the working men’s club? Were you one of those lucky children on the receiving end of ten bob?
  • Chester – Le – Street slaughtered Ushaw Moor at cricket. More accurately Russell Inglis gave a glittering performance in a Tom Burn Cup-tie. Scorecard: Chester….. Russell Inglis not out 93.Total 157 runs for the loss of three wickets. In reply Ushaw  Moor  A Keenan bowled Inglis 4, A Whitfield bowled Inglis 0, N Dowson bowled Inglis 4,  J Parkinson caught Moffatt bowled Inglis 0, E Ferguson bowled Inglis 14, J Dunningham stumped Moffat bowled Wake 9, N Ferguson stumped Moffat bowled Wake 2, J J Mcelevey stumped Moffat bowled Inglis 0, R Laidler caught Moffat bowled Smith 3, F Proctor bowled Smith 11, B Walker not out 6, Extras 6. Total 59. Note Moffat the Chester wicket keeper had a tasty catching and stumping routine.



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Heart Warming

March 2, 2016 1 comment

We often read about, or dwell upon, events from a long time past but my wife and I also have very happy recent memories. The treatment we received during our very recent visit to the North has blown us away. We knew that residents of Ushaw Moor, Brandon, Sacriston, Chester – Le – Street, Hebburn and Cumbria were top class human beings, but really! This was something else. We thank you so much.

I will be back to normality soon with more articles about Ushaw Moor.



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