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Members of Ushaw Moor Women’s Institute – Christmas party (1960’s)

March 20, 2014 4 comments
Ushaw Moor Women's Institute_1960s

Ushaw Moor Women’s Institute_1960s

Submitted on behalf of Margaret Thomspon :

Members of Ushaw Moor Women’s Institute, looks like their Christmas party (1960’s). Elsie Clegg in the middle cutting the cake and a very young Lilly Sowerby (nee Grayson) back row first left. Lots of local faces to bring back memories.


Comments from Ushaw Moor Memories GROUP

  • Paul Clough Great photo. My gran Bessie Ayre was good friends with Elsie Clegg. And spent quite a few holidays with Elsie. Thanks for sharing.
  • Margaret Thompson Paul Clough I remember you gran Bessie Ayre she was a lovely person.
  • Paul Clough Yes she was indeed. Sadly missed.