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Memories of The War Years

June 7, 2015 1 comment

I was 6yrs old when war was declared, and as I became older I realised Ushaw Moor had been a very safe place to be, although it did have its moments, like the time a bomb fell in the graveyard I remember and felt it well.

As I was going down the stairs to to our air raid shelter which had been built under the stairs I suddenly felt violent vibrations through my feet, and the house seemed to be moving,very scary. Off course there were other signs of the war, I wonder if there is anyone around now who remembers the soldiers and ATS girls who were billeted in the Memorial Hall, Somehow the word must have got around the army camp that there was always a warm welcome at the Webster house at 48 Temperance Tce, it gave my mum great pleasure to give these soldiers & A T S girls a cosy home to come to for a few hours.

Often at night tucked up in bed I would hear their laughter, while my dad slaved over a hot fire cooking dozens of potato fritters, if I was lucky my dad would bring me one all golden and crisp with salt and vinegar. I also remember the soldiers having drill practice in front of our house.