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Ushaw Moor Historical Website – Jack Joyce

November 22, 2011 6 comments

Jack Joyce

Probably the most outstanding person working at Ushaw moor colliery was Jack Joyce. He was born at Spennymoor in 1892 and began work at the age of 13 in 1905 spending his whole working life at the same mine. In 1946 he was elected financial secretary of the Durham Miners Association. Being a forceful union official he represented the miners as checkweighman and compensation secretary.

From 1924 until 1945 he was a member of Lanchester and Durham Rural District Councils. Before his death in 1967 he had the pleasure of seeing his portrait painted on the last Ushaw Moor colliery banner in honour of his work for the Ushaw Moor community.

via Ushaw Moor Historical Website – Jack Joyce.

Jack Joyce And Aneurin Bevan

June 8, 2009 10 comments

The 65th annual Durham Miners’ Gala took place on July the 24th 1948. The speakers were arranged on two platforms. Platform one included the likes of Rt. Hon. Sir Harley Shawcross, KC., MP. [Attorney General], Rt. Hon. Sir Stafford Cripps, KC., MP, and Sam Watson the General Secretary of the Durham Miners’ Association.

On platform two, amongst others, could be found Mr Arthur L  Horner, General Secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers, the Rt. Hon. Aneurin Bevan MP. Minister of Health, and Mr John Joyce [our Jack].

So Ushaw Moor’s own – well documented on this site, was rubbing shoulders with Aneurin Bevan. Bevan was a miner’s son and born in 1897. He left school at the age of 13 and started at the local pit. It was during the strike of 1926 that Bevan became one of the leaders of the South Wales miners. He was appointed Minister of Health just after WW2  and had the responsibility of  establishing the NHS. He died on 06/07/1960.


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Ushaw Moor Historical Website – Ushaw Moor Carnival

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

This photograph was taken between the years 1928- 1933, when carnivals were held at Ushaw Moor. At these carnivals local people were in fancy dress and later in the day a King, Queen and Mayor were picked.

Ushaw Moor Carnvial

The people on the photo are as follows:

Top from left Town Cryer T. Conner; The King Jimmy Winn; The Queen Nick Tennick; The Mayor Jack Joyce. Bottom from left The Joker T. Foster; Little Girl Daughter of Jack Joyce.

For MORE Info on Ushaw Moor Carnival go to Ushaw Moor Juniors School History Page

via Ushaw Moor Historical Website – Ushaw Moor Carnival.

Ushaw Moor’s Magnificent 7?

March 16, 2009 7 comments

To be truthful I am not best qualified to compile such a list but I have had a go anyway – to hopefully start things off!  Yes the magnificent seven of all time. A list of residents that have made a difference to the village at sometime during the last hundred years plus.  Just for fun why not contribute your own list?

My list in order of merit:

1 All Ushaw Moor’s Pit Wives

2  Jack Joyce

3  John Thomas Hope

4  Ebenezer Shuker

5 Lilian Sowerby MBE

6 Philip Stoddart

7 Norman ‘Soccer’ Gleghorn

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Brief Notes On 1967 And More On The Bucket List

March 5, 2009 Leave a comment

In 1967  Ushaw Moor Cricket Club entertained Etherley Cricket Club.The Moor batted first and reached a modest total of 123. It would have been less had it not been for Alan Bibby’s 33 runs and Jimmy Dumighan’s undefeated 26. In reply Etherley succumbed to almost a  one man bowling display from George Delap: he took 7 wickets for 43 runs. Ushaw Moor won by 29 runs.

In the same year that  illustrious local – Jack Joyce – passed away.

It was a good year for the Ushaw Moor ‘A’ Team in the Durham Morning Sunday Football League – in that it  finished runners up in the second division. Two years later it finished champions of the league’s first division.

You might have read my reference to the ‘Bucket List’ in my article entitled ‘This and That’. The big question is do we grow old gracefully or as magnificently as talent, time and money permit? I have been looking at the next twelve months and wondering whether my plans are exciting yet realistic. Yes the plans are exciting because I think they are – it is all about approach and enthusiasm. What parameters should I set myself and what should my considerations be? Well I believe that any ‘annual Bucket List’ should, in totality, include a mixture of activities such as: physical exercise, mental exercise, creativity, practicality and some shared activities with my far better half. Having worked all that out the hard work begins – but I will only make it a recurring theme on this site if you specifiically request it. It is a memories site after all!


Yet Another ‘Coach Tour’

October 30, 2008 5 comments

‘Coach Tour’ sounds a bit more interesting that a timeline don’t you think? I hope that some of the names dropped are of interest to both family history enthusiasts and residents in general.

Here we go:

1905 George Bertram Joslin of Ushaw Moor died on 13/01/1905. He had served as a porter at Durham Railway Station for many years.

1921 Ushaw Moor Colliery employed about 870 workers at this time.

1932 Several local men attended the funeral of Mr William Browell Charlton, a distinguished chairman of the Durham Mining Board. The local men were:

W Shellett,  A Tindale and F Pattison [all three from New Brancepeth and representing the Colliery Enginemen’s Association], G Hume from New Brancepeth [representing the Durham Winding Enginemen’s Association], Mr J Shield [Ushaw Moor] and Mr J H Paul of Bearpark. I wonder whether Mr Shield was a member of the family that was living at 26 Front Street, Browney in 1901.

1950 Ushaw Moor Colliery employed about 340 workers at any given time during this year whereas at New Brancepeth Colliery the figure was about 470 [under the managership of Mr G Watson].

1952 Wilf Bell did not win the New Brancepeth Primary School 50 yard dash. He was winning but stopped at what he thought was the finishing line [it wasn’t]. Who won it then?

1955 A local MP brought to Parliament’s attention the need for a post box to be sited on the new housing estate at Bearpark.

1957 Many elderly residents of Ushaw Moor are already familiar with the name Jack Joyce – one gentleman of that name had his portrait on the Ushaw Moor banner and another was a local historian living in Whitehouse Lane, albeit I believe with the surname Joice. Now we have another Joyce: Mr Anthony Joyce, of Wardley. He moved from Ushaw Moor in 1911 and went on to give excellent service as secretary and treasurer of the Follonsby Miners’ Lodge.   Like Jack Joyce of Ushaw Moor he had the privilege of having his portrait painted on a colliery banner.

1958 A local MP informed Parliament that the parents of pupils taking the Northern Counties School Certificate had to pay exam administration fees whereas the parents of pupils taking GCE did not.

1973 An Ushaw Moor lad, John George March, scored 64 for Durham County against Northumberland.

1974 Cllr. L Dodds was appointed chairman of Brandon and Byshottles Council – the following year Cllr. J H Turner held the same position. Both were local to Ushaw Moor.

1991 Colin Albone [born in Ushaw Moor in 1954] shared in a partnership of 291 with Dennison Thomas to assist South Moor to compile 357 for 4 wickets against Seaton Burn in the Tyneside Senior League. It can be said that Colin was very much the one that got away as far as Ushaw Moor are concerned.

2006 Shaun Ellis of New Brancepeth Primary School won a prize in a schools’ painting competition.

2008 Capitalism is tottering but you can still buy a pint and fish and chips in Ushaw Moor.

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