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Dangerous Left Winger Tommy Batey

Tom was born in New Brancepeth on the 18th of October 1894. The census address detail looks like 13 Eshwood Street.

By 1911 we find young Tommy at 35 Ushaw Terrace, Ushaw Moor together with his much older brothers Richard, William and Thomas together with sister Grace. They were in the household of his father, widower Thomas, a coke drawer. Brother Richard was a coke drawer like his father, but William was a boiler minder.

As for young  and dangerous winger Tommy he worked as a putter which is just about what you would expect at the age of 16. However his football prowess was beginning to be spotted and soon he was playing for Esh Winning. By May 1913 he moved on to no less than Bristol City. He found the competition tough at City but managed seven appearances and in one game hit the back of the net with a lovely goal.

He soon moved on and became a Canary, that is to say a Norwich City player. Eventually he came back to the Durham area and we find that he passed away in late 1971.

So, have we anyone in the house that can recall him? Has one of our readers shared a pint with elderly Tommy?


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