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Ronald Slater Gibbon [1915 – 1975]

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Mr Gibbon was my school headmaster during the period April 1959 to July 1960. Previous to that he was headmaster at Bearpark. My understanding of some of his life events is as follows, but it is subject to correction:

He was born at Lanchester in County Durham on 14/09/1915 and went on to marry Anne Welch in March 1945 which was the very month I was born.

His wife was born in 1916 and passed away in 2004.

His final words to me in 1960 were:

”work hard and play hard.”

Without him I would never have gained a pass in the Northern Counties School Certificate technical drawing examination. I failed the Central and Western paper in the same subject and did not trouble the scorers in doing so!

He drove a big posh looking red car and passed by our house in Whitehouse Court when going to and from the school.

He smoked Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes.

He had a great deal of dignity and impressed me.

We already have a little information on site about Mr Gibbon but more is always welcomed by me!


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