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Aloof Southerners And The North’s Great Unwashed

June 1, 2015 1 comment

A mate from the North East thinks the ‘soouth’ has lots of snobby people and of course he is right. It also has lots of polite people that are far from snobby. It takes all sorts and certainly that is what you have in the great London melting pot. You cannot go down Oxford Street expecting people to nod and smile to you like geordies on the way to the club and pub; it’s not realistic is it? An absent smile in Oxford Street does not mean the frowning and tired shopper thinks you are unworthy of their eye.

I was talking to a ‘Surrey person’ today and happened to mention that at least six out of thirteen of my school chums [middle class term used by a snob] had failed to reach 70 years of age. His reply was:

”Well it’s because of what they eat and do up there”.

I asked him what he meant by that but he could not back it up. Well he couldn’t could he? You have supermarkets and salads in the North and your days of lard on bread for breakfast are over.

What I am alluding to here is the astonishing ignorance that can still prevail despite education, travel, newspapers and the local library. It was ever so; in the 19th century too many posh houses were reluctant to take on geordie domestic servants because they were considered to be animals. We are all animals, but you get my drift.

And by the way although that southerner Elizabeth the first seldom took baths she made sure she was welcomed and fed in many posh houses, thus preventing the need for her to spend at her local supermarket. As I say, ignorance is bliss.

A pure and undiluted Ushaw Moor memory will be sent soon. I promise that.


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