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Ushaw Moor’s Elderly Speak To The Queen

Thanks to a research of old newspapers we know that Queen Mary visited the Aged Miners’ Homes in Ushaw Moor not long before World War 1. During her visit she spoke to a number of people including a Mrs Forster [and her daughter], also Mrs Blenkiron, Mrs Collins and Mr Beenley.

Her first visit was to Mrs Forster: after shaking Mrs Forster’s hand and also her daughter’s, she spent time in the kitchen and remarked ‘you look very comfortable here’ She was particularly impressed with the wonderfully kept fireplace.

The Queen then went and shook the hands of all the elderly men and women who were standing in their doorways.

Then on to Mrs Blenkiron’s house. She was greeted with ‘hearty welcome to your majesty’. The Queen thanked her and asked ‘are you all right here?’

Onwards to Mrs Collins house [number 10]. Here she was shown a piece of valuable old china.

Last call was at 75 year old Mr Beenley’s house. He presented her with a bouquet. She shook his hand and also that of his invalid daughter.


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  1. November 28, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    I have an e-copy of a newscutting from the time, featuring my great grand parents, John and Mary Jackson who were the first residents of the aged miners bungalows. The cutting is from 3rd February 1933 on the occasion of their diamond wedding anniversary and recounts the visit of Queen Mary 19 years previously.

  2. duartroc
    December 3, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    Is this an indication of the love and effection which the royal family had for the miners and their families, or alternatively an indication of the importance of the mining industry to the wealth of the country at the time. Fast forward 30 years for clarification.

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