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Rifle Shooting? Really? My Goodness.

June 26, 2014 10 comments

Back in July 1914 the Albion [bottom of Station Road] entertained Houghton Le -Spring at rifle shooting. Houghton won by 389 to 387.

The Albion’s scorers were;

J Handrick 64

R  Reeves 68

C Reeves 63

J Benson 62

J Leggett 64

J Swinton 66.

W Lishman top scored for Houghton with 67.

Can anyone make anything of those Moor names?



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Thank Goodness All The Fans From Ushaw Moor Returned Home Safely

June 26, 2014 3 comments

Back in February 1936 many of the lads and lasses from Ushaw Moor supported either Sunderland or Newcastle United.Such fans still do and spend a lot of money in the process.

A few days later the barber’s shop must have been full of opinions about Newcastle’s 3-3 draw with Arsenal in the 5th round of the FA Cup; some of them were no doubt well thought out and the remainder less so but with the compensation of being enriched, shall we say, with emotion.

But it was not the result that ought to have concerned them. Very serious crowd pressure built up and fans resorted to running on the pitch to better positions on the paddock side, with the police appearing rather helpless. Ambulance men were busy in most parts of the field. Spectators were even on the roof.

Twenty years later, at the age of eleven, I too to ran on the pitch after a Newcastle match and got within inches of big George Farm the Blackpool goalkeeper. I lived and breathed football and as I then attended Newcastle matches it is understandable that my grandmother thought I was a Newcastle fan, rather than a fan of magnificent Derby County. A few of you will recall that she gave me a Newcastle shirt for Christmas rather than a Derby one. Same colours but no stripes please!

It was different then. Now better stadiums are most reassuring and hopefully the likes of Hillsborough will never be repeated.

So, Newcastle 3 Arsenal 3.

Attendance 65,484 [no comment from me on that]

Arsenal won the replay 3-0 and went on to beat Sheffield United 1-0 in the final.


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To What Extent Did Hitler Mess Up Their Education?

June 26, 2014 2 comments

Back in 1936 the following local brights passed for entry to the Durham Johnston: R Glew, M. D Gray, A D Smith and J Whitfield. Gray was from New Brancepeth school and the others came from Ushaw Moor.

At the same time Maureen Cunningham and Constance Robertson passed for Durham Girls School. They both did so from Ushaw Moor RC. Ushaw Moor Council school pupil Doreen Tindale was also successful, with the same destination, and so was Jean Young from New Brancepeth.

I have no idea whether the war mucked it up for them. I wonder how many achieved School Certificate or perhaps even Higher School Certificate. If still around they would be about 89 years old now.


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