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Fire Ice And Water At Broompark

Back in 1890 three young men from Ushaw Moor College were walking about near a frozen Broompark pond. They were daredevils, if you like, or perhaps just innocent lads.  One of them went on to the ice and to his horror it cracked open; he then fell into the pond. One of his friends asked him if his feet were on the bottom and he replied that they were not. Despite urgent efforts by his friends the young man began to realise that he was in a very serious situation. He began to cry in despair. Shortly afterwards he drowned.

Moving on, we find that a disastrous fire occurred at Broompark Colliery at 8pm on August the 8th 1904. It started on an old pit heap and within thirty or so minutes it became a big blaze. It took sometime for the Langley Moor fire brigade to arrive at the scene. They used a Broompark pond as a source of water.  During the incident a disused shaft and a screen were consumed by the fire. As a matter of fact the county was lit up for miles around!

Thank goodness there were few men in the pit and that they all got out safely.



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