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Dick Hope [Captain]

June 15, 2014 3 comments

My grandfather captained Ushaw Moor cricket club’s first team for several years as well as working as an overman at the pit. As an inquisitive child I was known to browse about in my grandparents spick and span living room; one day I came across a copy of the rules of cricket issued by the games ruling body, the MCC. Dick explained some aspects of the rules which made a lasting impression on me. I am sure that he would have agreed with me that a fielder always knows if he [or she] catches a ball cleanly. They just do. I  played the game long enough to form that view with confidence.

I’d like to comment on that recent  limited over international game, where the bowler exercised his right to warn the batsman at the non striking end not to take liberties by galloping down the pitch prematurely. On being ignored the bowler was in order to subsequently run the England batsman out. Is it really correct that the English captain moaned about that? If he did, how pathetic is that?  And what, I wonder, would Dick have made of it?

Dick was the team’s wicket-keeper and on on one memorable occasion showed me his hands. One of his fingers was very bent and he put that down to the very fast deliveries from Ushaw Moor’s kingpin pace bowler that smacked in to his gloves with regularity. Spikings might well have been his name.

I know that I have recently mentioned Dick’s spat with a player called Trotter. Dick told him in no uncertain terms where to get off. I think it was a question concerning the light.Trotter was a school teacher at the time and I believe he taught locally. 


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The Rather Grand And Smug Pair Of Theories

June 15, 2014 2 comments

By popular request [one person expressed an interest] I can now reveal the favoured theory. No, not the one about Evolution, rather the one about when that confounded polling station opened. Back in 1900. In Ushaw Moor.

Some options, with associated odds:

1] It opened at the correct time [8 a.m.] in the correct place.  5-1 on  i.e. if you bet a fiver you would win a pound and get your stake back, less any HMRC deductions.

2] It opened at the right time but in the wrong place. Hence the sudden flurry of furtive officials dashing along Station Road with what looked like a ballot box and lots of papers. At 11.40 in the morning. 5/1 against.

I go with number 2. The money will be useful.



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