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A 1934 – 1951 Half-Day Coach Tour With The Union Jack Flying

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Back in time that is. So have you got your brightly coloured buckets and spades? Perhaps you are looking forward to fish and chips at Whitby.

1934   S Gibson, R Hume, G HIll, J Ardman, W Ayre [scored ten runs] and R Brown were in the New Brancepeth Junior cricket team. As were A Marchant, S Mawston, L Milburn, R Ayre [scored one run not out] and W Dodds [out for two runs]. The team score reached 81. I wonder whether that was Wilfred Dodds a relative of mine and sometime of Newcastle University [and collector of two or three university degrees].

1935 Ushaw Moor cricket team second eleven to play Chilton Moor at Ushaw Moor: A Turnbull, J Thompson, A Thompson, J Wilkinson, J Rodgers, R Pearson, H Hume, N Wood, E Robson, W Cruddace and R Stobart. Reserve J Emery.

1936 but jumping ahead Football –  Londonderry Cup – 4th round Ushaw Moor Boys 2 [Hamilton, Whitfield penalty] Crook Boys 0. 

Back to 1935 – cricket -The first team playing the same day at Chilton Moor: J Spikings, R Wilson, R W Hope [my grandfather], N Selkirk, F Hildrey, W Seed, A Price, J Hardman, W Ross, S Pearson and J Oliver. Reserve H Lovejoy.

1937  77 years old Fred Newstead was knocked down by a motor car at the entrance to Durham County Hospital and as a result died a few days later at the home of his sister, Rosalind Vickers. She lived in Ladysmith Terrace Ushaw Moor. He was up north visiting her.

1946 Ushaw Moor Colliery was in trouble, that is to say it was on ‘probation’.  Management had been told by the Ministry of Fuel and Power that it must increase output and reduce absenteeism. In September of that year it was able to hoist the Union Jack over the headgear to indicate that the ‘Shinwell’ target had been met for the first time since December 1945. That would be a reference to minister Manny Shinwell [he went on to almost reach a hundred years old].

1950 Frances Clare Hannon, a school teacher at Ushaw Moor school, married William Coady.

1951 [Christmas Day] Syd Waterson, recently signed from Ushaw Moor, made his first appearance for Durham City – against Ushaw Moor! At two pm on the same day Sunderland entertained Newcastle United.

It’s nice to get a few names out there. Some of them are well known to some of us but let’s hope we get some gem responses about less familiar ones.




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