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From Sleetburn And With A Nervous Disposition? Look Away Now

February 14, 2014 1 comment

At 4 am In early August 1871 a married pit man called James Robinson was found cut in two on the railway line about a quarter of a mile from Durham railway station. He was a lodger at Sleetburn at the time.

In 1877 a small boy called Hutchinson was admitted to Durham County Hospital having been run over on the railway line at Sleetburn Colliery. I am not sure of his fate.

In May 1885 the body of a newly born child was found at Sleetburn by some children. 

Something less serious – In 1887 the Durham County rugby authorities expelled Sleetburn Old Boys Club from the Union because some players and spectators had attacked the referee during the semi-final of the Durham Junior Cup at Sleetburn. Rugby at Sleetburn?

Mind you Ushaw Moor had its problems as well – Tommy Doyle, last seen [perfectly sober] at 10.30 pm in early May 1883, was found dead the following morning at the bottom of Ushaw Moor Colliery pit shaft.


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