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Baby Baby

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The Ushaw Moor Carnival held in July 1934 had a lot going for it and much fun was had, not least by the proud parents of the following  prize winning kiddies:

                                                 First                  Second              Third   

Category 1 to 6 months           Thomas Crooks Dennis Coates  Edward Jackson

                6 to 12 months         Joshua Briggs    Daniel Kenny    Jack Hill

                12 to 18 months       Francis Hird       Lily Tomlinson   Sheila Parkin

                18  to 24 months       Gordon Mason  William Bailey    Ethel Carse


                                                       First                                     Second                                       Third

             Twins up to two years    Fred and Audrey Eden      George and Edward Rochford    Jean and Kenneth Seed

              Finally, probably not children

              A mile bicycle race       J Robinson                         A Faces [?]               G Laverick

Sheila Parkin has been mentioned on this site already.





The word ‘third’ – which refers to the twins competition – is in the wrong place but it relates to Jean and Kenneth Seed. You probably worked that out. I wonder, has this little edit worked? Lists are frequently a problem.

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