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Eva Hornsby And That Breakfast

August 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Are a bit of a mystery. I know that Eva and her sister were milliners and came to the aid of the famous Mr Cody when his aeroplane came down to local earth [see previous article]. I suppose that being  milliners it was always likely that they could do the sewing that was necessary to repair his aeroplane, but I am open to correction about that.

The local school thought the tumble from the sky was so exciting they gave the school children a half – day off so that they could go and see the aeroplane. Police were in attendance to hold the crowds back.

My understanding is that someone gave Cody breakfast and it was only later that he was invited by the New Brancepeth colliery owner to spend the evening and night at his grand home!

So if I am right about the breakfast, who was it that supplied it? And can anyone tell us more about Eva Hornsby and her sister?


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