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This One’s from Daft For Soccer Gleghorn

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I have referred to the Durham Amateur Football Trust before and make no apologies for doing so again. It is a very commendable vehicle for remembering and enjoying North East football’s grand and colourful heritage.

If Norman  goes on to its internet site, which is found easily by googling… Daft  Football… he will be able to locate an immense work in progress:  the making available of local newspaper articles from the past. He already has a bit of a mention by means of a football report on the 21st of August 1948 of Spennymoor’s 1-0 defeat to Carlisle Reserves. 

Spennymoor: Burns, Thompson, Harnby; T Smith, Morris, Bounsfield; J Smith, Moore, Garbutt, Feenan, Gleghorn.

Spennymoor had lots of chances to score but failed to take them. The match attendance was in the region of 2,500.

On the same match day Newcastle United drew 3-3 at Everton and Sunderland won at home to Bolton 2-0.  Derby County won 2-1 at Manchester United, I thought I would mention that…

Why not become a friend of Daft. For five pounds a year you are helping and honouring dedicated men that are far from daft; they just love the North-East and its honourable football heritage. They might be a bit daft in their spare time but I cannot swear to it.


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