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Colin Tonks

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I recall Mr Tonks teaching at Ushaw Moor Secondary Modern back in 1959. My memory indicates that he was a kind and very competent teacher. I believe that he later became a headmaster elsewhere.  

Recently, quite by accident, I came across him on the net. If you google:

Colin Tonks Northern Echo

you see a very clear picture of him taken recently. He is the bearded elderly chap in a dark pullover. You will find a report of his recent clash with bureaucracy. He won, I am pleased to say!




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Sheep And Priests

April 13, 2013 1 comment

On Sundays my step-father frequently took me for a walk along the top road. It was an opportunity to find a good spot to fly my model aeroplane.  Eventually  the Ushaw Moor Catholic Seminary would come into view. I recall a scene dominated by sheep, golf players and the building itself. It was quite relaxing – being pastoral, peaceful and a preliminary ritual before a walk back to roast beef and Yorkshire pudding; no Spotted Dick though because in our family the great era of the Dick was over. And you can take that as you wish.

I believe that a local paper has reported vandalism to a now derelict seminary; if so I am sorry to hear that. Catholicism in Ushaw Moor stretches back a very long time and it must be very sad news for the faithful. The run down of the building has been put down to falling rolls and financial problems. I can understand the former but not the latter; the Catholic Church is one of the richest organisations in the whole world and therefore if it wanted to keep the building secure it could no doubt find the funds to arrange it. Without proper security vandalism of such a building is inevitable. 


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