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A Sunlit Day In August 1900 and 2014 For That Matter

April 7, 2013 Leave a comment

A lovely day and a lot of people loving it. The Ushaw Moor Institute Gala and Sports Day took place in a field near the railway station, and as well as a variety of other activities, much pleasure was got from listening to the Durham County Industrial Schools Band.

Three known attendees from Ushaw Moor were a Mr Thomas Ferguson, a Mr R Hope, and a Mr T Robinson. Tommy Ferguson judged the one hundred and twenty yards foot race and witnessed R Hope finishing in third place[ for which he received a reward of one pound- a lot of money then].  The winner received twelve pounds; second place got three pounds; and for finishing fourth the reward was ten bob. As for T Robinson, he finished runner-up in a quoit handicap.

About a couple of years ago I suggested that the village have an almighty reunion but nothing has come of it YET. Are there a few people up there [up north as my son would say] willing to break sweat and organise it, for a hopefully sunlit day in August 2014?  


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