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In 1929 Steep Came To The Aid Of Broompark

April 5, 2013 5 comments

Back in 1929 the Hampshire village of Steep adopted Broompark, which at that time had a population of about seven hundred people. As we know It was a grim period for many, what with  serious long term unemployment and poverty. 


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Ninety pounds and seventy seven pence

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One day in the summer of 1915 the Brough store in Ushaw Moor donated one pound to the War Relief Fund. It does not sound much but in modern money that is worth in the region of ninety pounds and seventy seven pence; that is not a mean sum at all! It very probably donated on other occasions.

The Brough store at Chester-Le – Street raised a massive four hundred and ten pounds,  which equates to about 37,215 pounds and seventy pence now. Bigger place, more employees and surely large donations from wealthy individuals rather than just from shop assistant employees. I guess that is the top and bottom of it. 



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