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Decent media outlets are in short supply but they, more than any other, remind us that corruption is prevalent throughout the world. Don’t get me wrong, there are inspirational people about, it’s just that they are in short supply. That said, is it any wonder that from time to time we dip into the past? Such dipping has its limitations and arguably it is a form of respite little better than burying your head in the magnificent sands at Redcar.

The trouble with the past is that we cannot completely recapture it; however we can get a handle on some of it with reasonable certainty; I have in mind some fundamental characteristics and motivations that make up the human experience in whatever period we examine.If we need guidance Shakespeare may be able to help, but only if we are in the mood for him.

Let us see if we can recapture a bit of the past without William. It can be less confusing that way. Failure, success, comedy, sadness, pain and tragedy have always been with us and it was no different for past residents of Ushaw Moor.

In 1891 Ushaw Moor Cricket Club lost its Durham County Challenge Cup-Final against Consett. Bearing in mind that seventy seven years later I was a member of the South Moor first team that lost an away league match at Consett I can grieve for Ushaw Moor with some realistic feeling.

I am amused and pleased to point out that back in 1900 a Tory candidate, having arranged to give a speech at Ushaw Moor, found that almost all of the residents had gone away on an excursion. He cancelled his speech and left the village. 

In 1911 the Ushaw Moor sub- postmaster, Robert Clemitson Russell, died at the age of sixty seven. The post office opened in 1904 and he had been there from the start.

In 1914 an eight year old boy from Ushaw Moor died, having fallen into one of the tanks near Ushaw Moor sewerage works.

In 1915 a married women from Ushaw Moor was found dead in a colliery reservoir at Esh Winning. In the same year soldier Jimmy Nutter, from Ushaw Moor, was injured fighting in WW1. The incidents are not connected.

Thanks to the Tory candidate’s experience we had a bit of cheer to contrast with the grim sadness and despair.




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