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From The Archive – Arthur Hodgson [Sadly Arthur Died Today]

Back in 2009 I telephoned Arthur and part of the conversation was a little natter about Ushaw Moor and Bearpark Collieries. I started by asking him whether there had been any scope for miners to make their output seem better than it really was. Arthur pointed out that in the foreshift tubs were not weighed by the weighman, simply because he was not on duty then. Human nature sometimes took over and some coal tubs might have had stone at the bottom of the tub rather than coal! Another trick was to place good sized ’roundies’ in the corners of the tubs, thus causing a degree of empty space in the tubs – but nevertheless giving the impression of  full tubs. I queried whether management would have been aware of that sort of thing and Arthur pointed out that many of the staff – overman – manager etc. were at one time miners themselves, so would have known!  Arthur said that in later years cubic measurement was adopted; it took account of the length of the coalface, the advance made into that face, and the height of the coal –  thus those particular tricks were thwarted!   

Arthur confirmed that he had worked at Bearpark Colliery for about 15 years  – covering the period c 1967 to 1982 – and had therefore spent more time there that at Ushaw Moor! I asked him whether the culture at Bearpark was any different to that at Ushaw Moor and he said it was all the same – with the same words being used to describe things and situations. I asked him whether there were any characters at Bearpark that stood out for him. He recalled that one lad had selected the wrong type of pension arrangement supplied by the employer. He had selected one that provided a pension for himself rather than one that covered both himself and a wife/widow. Later on  miners had no option but to select one that provided for the wife as well as the miner. The state pension was in addition to all this of course.

Arthur recalled the Bearpark manager but his name escaped him. He said he was a tall man who had previously worked as a hewer at Bearpark and later returned as manager. Arthur said that although the manager was a very approachable man he always called him Mr ….. although many miners called him by his first name. Arthur held the view that if a man has worked hard and achieved the status of manager he was entitled to be called Mr. Arthur recalls that one day the manager asked him what size the coal was in a particular spot and Arthur sought the information by reference to hand measurement. The manager remarked ‘why use your hand? Go and get a tape measure’.

Arthur recalled another character called ‘Poucher Grey’. He never did learn his real name. ‘Poucher’ would never work on the actual face, rather he would do stonework. He was a sort of unofficial foreman and sent some of his ‘team’ to work the face. Arthur recalls that he was a physically big man.

I mentioned the name Jonty Burridge to Arthur and explained that I had played cricket with his son Ivor. I knew that Jonty had played cricket for Bearpark. Although Arthur could recall the name Jonty Burridge he could not place him too easily.


Arthur Hodgson, died today, 02/04/2013. RIP.

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  1. pat arckless re mcquillan
    April 2, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    rip Arthur good nite god bless x

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