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Tommy Mcquillan playing football.

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anyone got any photos of my bro tommy mcquillan playing football f st josephs rc school ushawmoor yrs will b 1972 till about 1979 we having a memorial for him in may and would love 2 have some early school photos of him i can take if any one can help please do so u can also tel me 07903261021 if paul dont mind hey paul y mam may have some old photos of us you never know can u please ask her thanks to all x

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Ushaw Moor : Paperback : Alain Soren Mikhayhu : 9786139252510

February 7, 2013 12 comments

Anyone come across this BOOK before,seems a little pricey tho,, and the PHOTO is not of Ushaw Moor !

Ushaw Moor (Paperback) Edited by Alain Soren Mikhayhu

via Ushaw Moor : Paperback : Alain Soren Mikhayhu : 9786139252510.

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Broughs Store

February 7, 2013 31 comments

My great grandad Matthew Dickinson is listed in various census as living in Station road the turn of the 20th century. His job was listed as grocers assistant, which at the time seems different from everybody else who seemed to work in mining. Having spoken to my uncle who has lived in Ushaw Morr all of his life, he told me that he worked in “Broughs Store” at the bottom of station road. I remember it being there when I was a kid, but does anybody out there know any history of the store. How long was it there? Was it always called “Broughs”? Does anyone out there know?

Broughs Store

Broughs Store

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Bogey Cart Racing

February 7, 2013 5 comments

Bogey Cart Racing

Hill cart racing.

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