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John Bowery’s Comments Are Worth A Look

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I value all comments on Paul’s site but am concerned that Mr Bowery’s comments might be missed by some readers because they are a wee bit buried: that is, within the responses to my Seven Words For The People Of Ushaw Moor post.

We have some grand writers and he is one of them. Have a read.


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Pied Piper Bus Driver?

January 18, 2013 13 comments

In my quest to find out when the old village of Broompark was demolished
i found this~ ???.I attended that school as a toddler and went on to St Josephs.
The article was in the northern echo and is dated  April 17 2009.
50 years ago from that date in my calculation would make the year 1959.
Yet i have no recollection of a pied piper bus driver tooting his horn.
We walked to the main bus stop near Loves hotel and caught the bus there.

April 17th, 2009

From the Durham County Advertiser 50 years ago.

The driver of a bus which arrives in Broompark each weekday morning has become known as the modern Pied Piper.
 When he toots his horn, children of the village skip out of their homes and are not seen again until early evening.
 “Very soon their parents will be leaving, never to return,”.
 A villager remarked bitterly to an Advertiser reporter this week.. “A village which loses its school begins slowly to decay.”

At Broompark School, focal point of the life of the village since the beginning of the century, only one of three classrooms is now in use.
 Thirty older chldren were transferred to Ushaw Moor a fortnight ago, but there is still a class for toddlers.
 After the summer holidays, however, even they will probably have to make the mile and a half trip to Ushaw Moor.

As reported in the Advertiser last week, a petition protesting against the closure of the school has been signed by over 200 villagers.
 Parents have already seen the county authorities and the Central Executive Education Committee.
 They intend to fight resolutely to save the school.

It is doubtful, however, whether a reprieve will be granted, for the problem at Broompark is that of many villages throughout the county.

? Compiled with the help of Durham County Council’s Clayport library

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