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Ron Nightingale Might Find This Blast From The Past Interesting

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Two Florence Nightingales living in Ushaw Moor in 1901

October 30, 2008


Florence Nightingale Number1

The younger Florence, aged 9 and born in Waterhouses and was part of the Nightingale family that occupied both 2 and 3 West Street Ushaw Moor.

Her father was John Nightingale a 42 year old colliery Undermanager; born in Northumberland he had gained his manager’s certificate on 26/02/1893. His managerial experience included overseeing the ‘Busty’ which would be abandoned 43 years later – well after his involvement!

Florence’s mother was 35 year old Sarah; she was born in St. John’s Chapel in Durham.

Florence had a lot of siblings: Alice [born in Waterhouses], Edith [b Esh], James W [b Waterhouses], Margaret [b Ushaw Moor], Mary J [b Waterhouses] and Phillis [bWaterhouses]. One of Florence’s grandfathers was called James Nightingale; he was born in 1822 at Chilton, County Durham, spent part of his life as a gardener and was married to Phillis [born in 1820].

Two of the Nightingale’s immediate neighbours, back in 1901, were John Herron – a stationary Engineman and Billy Thompson – a colliery engineman.


The other Florence Nightingale was born in Tow Law in 1890, lived in South View, Ushaw Moor with her 53 year old dad [he was born in Northumberland and by this time worked at Ushaw Moor Colliery].

Florence had two elder brothers – Thomas [17] and John J [20]. They were both born in Tow Law and both worked at Ushaw Moor Colliery.

Florence had two sisters – Ethel [15 and born in Tow Law] and Hannah [20 – born Waterhouses].

We can surmise that this family was not in absolute dire poverty – bearing in mind the size of it and the number of workers.

Their immediate neighbours were:

[1] Mr John Stobart aged 41 – he was married to Mary – aged 41; they had a daughter – Jane aged 12 and

[2] Tommy Walker 42 [coal hewer Ushaw Moor] and his wife Ann [42]. They had four sons –Joseph 22 [putter/hewer Ushaw Moor], Thomas 18 [putter/coal hewer at Ushaw Moor], Solomon, 15 [bank lad] and John aged 4.

Tommy and Ann also had two daughters Sarah [9] and Florence [2]. So of the eight people living in the house we can see that four of them were in paid employment. Ann Walker would have been very busy looking after them especially bearing in mind the various coal mining shifts and that John was only 4 – I wonder whether Mrs Walker got much sleep.

All of the adult Ushaw Moor males mentioned above would know James Curry because he was the Rapper Man; his job was to get them to wake up and work! He lived at 6 William Street which incidentally was only three doors away from the Trotter family; one of whom was a three months old infant that, I believe, would go on to be the school teacher that some people can still remember. I believe he was the Trotter that, at least once, infuriated my grandfather on the cricket field!


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