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Soldier Story – I was There ,Pamela Proctor speaks to the Royal Canadian Legion

Listen to Pamela Proctor, daughter of Frank Proctor former resident of Ushaw Moor who left for Canada, remembering his story while fighting in WW2, speaking to the Royal Canadian Legion.
Download Pamela Proctor speaks to the Royal Canadian Legion

A Canadian Soldier’s Real Life Adventure Story

Summary: Frank Proctor grew up in a coal mining town near Durham, England, came to Saskatchewan to work in the grain harvest, enlisted in the Regina Rifles on the outbreak of war, trained in Canada and England, landed in Normandy on D-Day, fought through France and Holland to Germany, returned to Canada and moved to Mission, B.C., where he raised his family and operated his own business until retirement to the beauty of his art.

Read this gripping first hand account by a Canadian infantryman of his personal experiences in the tremendous events resulting in the liberation of Europe.

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via Soldier Story – I was There , an autobiography by Frank Proctor.

  1. January 4, 2013 at 10:55 am

    i have read this book and it is a story of a very brave and courageous young man. Franks account of his early life in Ushaw Moor and Canada is very moving, homesickness on his arrival in Canada as his friends returned to England. His wartime experiences where he went through the thick of the push from Normandy into Germany. A great man like millions of others during the last war. In his book he does not blow his own trumpet just relates facts as they happened. I will watch the vidoe later today as I do not have time at the moment. One fact that shone out in his book was that Frank was a very Christian man and he was also influenced in his younger days in Ushaw Moor by Vicar Welby who was the priest at St. Lukes.

    Brian Mc

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