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Hebburn web site Message Board

Have just spent an hour on the Hebburn Web Site Message Board. There are numerous entries on the Board from shipping in the Tyne , events in the town to RIP messages when people pass away. I have lived in the town long enough to know a number of contributors and a number visit the web site from around the globe. The Iona Club where I am on the Committee always gets a good write up. It is always busy and one entry I have read tonight is the medicines we were dosed with when we were young, Radio Malt, cod liver oil, Syrup of Figs to name but a few and a number brews made up by their grannies. I miss the Ushaw Moor web site which I seem to be out of touch with no one except perhaps Wilf Bell making any new entries. Anyway, may I wish anyone that reads this Blog a very Peaceful Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2013.

Brian Mc

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  1. frank clarke
    December 18, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    i appreciate your sentiments Brian and truly agree with them May I try to trigger memories with things like Arthur Temple on osbornes milk cart Chick Johnsons fruit and veg cart and Harry Taylors co op mobile shop here’s hoping frank clarke

    • pat arckless
      December 19, 2012 at 12:39 am

      chick johnston i remember if u remember paul he had his stable f horse n field up ladysmith terrace side jacky hoppers milk garrage comeon u lot lets get talking again about the good old days joe freeman a knox had coal waggon thing i went to school with trebor alan his son can u all remember the reck as kids n then we had 2 go 2 near maple court f the swings then on to broompark what a treck and we walked most of the tym even 2 bearpark near the pit to the swings there or even a walk allong the lines to the forest at esh winning lets get cracking the whip and get this site up and running paul has put so much effort into this and we dont want it to stop in its tracks thanks to u all and a merry christmas to everyone xxx

  2. noodles29
    December 19, 2012 at 10:08 am

    I am over the moon that my post has been acknowledged. Memories are priceless and if a young person uses the site then that interest would be prolonged. I find the lack of interest in the Ushaw Moor Memories site hard to understand. The two comments in reply to my post stir memories in my head as I read long forgotten names, Broompark rec, Billy Osbornes milk cart. Billy delivered our milk straight from the churn when our family lived at 29 Harvey Street at New Brancepeth. The highly polished measuring jugs, the delicious smell and taste of FRESH milk. Chick Johnston, Cud Hall who sold vegetables and fruit from a four wheeled flat cart around the village, Jack Rowe who sold fresh fish from a two wheeled cart. Well done Frank and Pat.

    PS. Our little brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier who brought happiness and friendliness into our lives for nearly seventeen years was put to sleep on Friday, 26th October and we are stil trying to come to terms of life without him. His name was Noodle, or, Noodles and he was named after a character in the film Once upon a time in America.

    Noodles left his imprint on our lives and hundreds if not thousands of happy memories.

    Brian Mc

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