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Memories of School Friends by Roy Lambeth

I lived in Durham, but my best school pal Stephen Dent lived at 22 Whitehouse Lane in Ushaw Moor.

We were both railway enthusiasts and were accepted by the various railway men we came across in our travels. We used to spend hours at Ushaw Moor Station with the porter there Jack Railton or sometimes he would take us over the wooden viaduct and leave us with Jack Hammill the New Brancepeth Signalman.

On other occasions we would meet at Relly Bridge for a days trainspotting which would take us into Deerness Valley Junction Signal Box and Bridge House Signal Box(at the end of Langley Moor Viaduct.

We also knew the residents in the railway houses between the bishop Auckland line and the Ushaw Moor line, where we would often be asked if we would like drinks and sometimes food.

On other occasions we would cycle to Tow Law, Stanhope, Lanchester and Crook, watching and learning about railways and their operations. Stephen was a relation of The Tallentyre-Dent Bakery shop in Ushaw Moor.

Happy days.

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  1. August 16, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    We’ve just moved from Flass Avenue to Whitehouse Court, when we were in Flass Ave our living room looked over the Flass beer garden onto Station Road, i remember recently seeing the shop front getting replaced for the new no1stationroad.co.uk signage, i remember clearly seeing the workds Tallentyre-Dent being revealed and sadly taken down/painted over, possibly never to be seen again. I remember that Tallentyre Dent has been mentioned on here so thought i’d mention it.

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