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St Cuthberts Chapel – Ushaw College 1911

St Cuthberts Chapel pm 1911

Early Postcard of St Cuthberts Chapel – Ushaw College Postmark 1911

  1. Brian mc loughlin
    May 31, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    Have attended Christmas Carol Services in St. Cuthberts Chapel which is as beautiful inside as the outside architecture. My late brother Jim was a joiner at Ushaw before he retire and he got tickets tickets for the Services. On a number of occasions there was snow lying and that and the beautiful Service used to start Christmas for my wife Helen and myself. After leaving Hebburn on a cold December night and driving up to Ushaw to attend the Carol Service in such beautiful surroundings in the company of my family brings many happy memories to me The ceiling in the Chapel is a work of art. My brother Jim told me that the painting of the ceiling was undertaken by two lads from Ushaw Moor, Frankie Brown and Terry Ramm who were employed on the staff at Ushaw. The woodwork and the stonework in the Chapel are works of art. My grandson is finishing his apprenticeship as a stonemason and I now look at the stonework of buildings with a new interest. I love to see photos like this on the website. I have another photo taken from Ushaw Moor Station as my wallpaper which is the view of the railway line disappearing into the distance in the direction of Broompark . I must add a comment to that memory. Brian Mc.

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