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Your Memories Make this BLOG

February 16, 2012 19 comments

Been a little quite on the Ushaw Moor Memories BLOG lately. The BLOG relies on YOU to submit your memories.

Take out a few minutes from your busy day to tell us about your memories of Ushaw Moor and Deerness Valley, am sure you have a story to share.

Which street did you grow up in ?

What do you remember about going to school ?

What was your first job ?

What were the special things that happened to you as you were growing up ?

What was family life like when you were growing up?

How did you celebrate holidays and special occasions?

What are some of the traditions still carried on by your family?

What changes have you noticed during your life in such areas as fashion, morality and technology?

Some snippets from the original archive

I have a vivid memory of time I spent in this village, as a child I remember hardly ever being in the house, I was either up the woods, near ushaw college, or down the beck, “catchin minners”. Life seemed so much better then. Well those were the days, by the way,, great site….:) posted by ushaw @ 6:15 PM

I don’t know if it’s the same enid greenwell as dated queensland Feb. 2003 but we used to be great friends till she moved to australia with her family when she was 11 she also had a younger sister .we used to go to a place called broadgate i have only just found this sight i was born in the village and have lived here all my life i went to ushaw moor infants & junior school then the secondary school i was born in 18 dale street .we used to go on the ushaw moor club trip some times on coaches or on the trains from ushaw moor station my mother rhoda hird sill lives in the village if any one can remember her but sadly my father died a albert hird .if you are the same enid greenwell did you live in ushaw terrace and if you visit this sight again i would like to hear from you i have found this sight very good as a lot of the people i knew when i was growing up in the village. posted by ushaw @ 6:15 PM

I read the “Autobiography of Frank Proctor” some time ago and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I would recommend this book to any of the older generation in Ushaw Moor.

Frank was a very strong character who went as a very young man with a number of friends to work on the farms in Canada. He suffered homesickness as one by one his friends returned to the Ushaw Moor area and he was left alone in a strange country thousands of miles away from his home.  posted by ushaw @ 6:12 PM

I enjoyed reading about Martin and Ruby Gallagher. My Gran and Grandad lived at 28 Arthur St. and as a child I was often sent to the little shop. It was a happy place, Ruby was always singing. My Gran never called her Ruby Gallaher it was Ruby Deaton. Also in Arthur St. were Mrs. Quinn, Mrs. Jolly , Mrs. Nanncarrow and the Wallige family. They were friendly with the Young family who lived in Whitehouse Lane. posted by ushaw @ 6:11 PM