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The Writings of Geoff Turner – Archive

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On 27th April 2007 I believe we last heard from Geoff TURNER, a man approaching his 75th birthday and a former resident of Alum Waters.  Amongst some of his very interesting postings was a fascinating account of the life of Manny PECKER, a man who lived the later years of his life wandering the roads in and around the Deerness Valley.

In  what I believe to be his last posting Geoff stated his intention of posting further articles featuring 1. A watermill in the valley 2. ” The Germans are coming. ”  A comical narritive of a small boy’s dreams – a comical narrative.  3. An article about a family in the valley where three of the family played professional football.

I should like to say how much I enjoyed reading Geoff’s postings and hope that he is keeping well as his eightieth birthday approaches. I would love to see an update on  these stories.

Posted on behalf of Carol Clarke

Follow these  links for archive material of Geoff Turner from old BLOG :

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