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Dale Street, Maple Park, Aldridge Ct

November 7, 2011 5 comments

I was quite struck by the comments about Ladysmith Terrace and who lived there in the 1970′s.

It seems like so long ago that I grew up in Ushaw Moor. My parents seemed to love moving house. In fact I lived in four separate houses there. I started in Dale Street. From what I can remember the following kids lived in our street. David and Andrew Richardson, Colin Hird, Dawn and Paul Smirthwaite, Stephen and David Hagar, Paul and Karen Macalevey.

By the time I was seven I had moved to Maple Park, which probably was the most community spirited place I have ever lived. Once again loads of nice families and lots of kids. There was Michael Melia who lived near the Hutchinsons, who had a couple of kids. Across the gap was Dennis Hunter and his sister Tracy. Next Door to them was the Moralee family, James, Paul, Susan and Stephen. The next Family across the gap was The Cross family, who had Kevin, Alan, Carol and Alison. Next door to them as the Willis family who had a few kids although I can only remember Stephen. Next door to them was the Tones family who had Christine and Barry. Further up the street was the Graysons who had twins Neville and Tom and their sister Sandra. Two doors along from them were the George family who had two daughters one called Susan and I cant remember the other one. Myself and our kid lived in 22 facing the green. Just down from us were the Morgans Alan and Bernadette and next door to them were the Thompsons Robert, Stephen, Gary and their sister who’s name escapes me. Finally there was the Elwick’s on the end house who had two daughters one called Anita.

I moved from there to Aldridge Court, which was far more spaced out, but at least the houses had central heating and finally Hall avenue, which is where I lived until I left the village in 1988.

I loved living there and wouldn’t have swapped my childhood for the world.


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