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Ushaw Moor Jazzband – YouTube

A video clip of Ushaw Moor Jazzband….

Details Unknown

Ushaw Moor Jazzband – YouTube.

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  1. noodles
    October 30, 2011 at 11:42 am

    i was often detailed whilst a work to police Jazz Band parades in the Hebburn and Jarrow areas closing roads and escorting the bands through the Town. They were always smart and extremely well drilled but I had never seen a display during the competitions. I was very surprised at the complicated drill movements that these youngsters carried out and the time spent being judged. There was obviously a lot of hard work, concentration and dedication on the part of the trainers and the young people taking part. Most of the youngsters taking part will be married now with families of their own and I hope they think back to those days with pride at their turn out and performance as shown on this video. It is a pity this trend for marching bands did not blossom into the marching bands from Norway I have seen over the years at the Alnwick Festival. It appears that community pursuits such as the Jazz Bands are dying or have died the death within our communities. Technology has a lot to answer for.

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