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Salvation Army 1960

Salvation Army Band - Whitehouse Court

This photograph was taken from my grandmothers house in Whitehouse court in the late 1960′s. It shows the Salvation Army band playing next to the green which is a memory I will always have of that time. Another sign of the times was kids palying in the street and hardly a car in sight.

thanks Michael Dickinson

Salvation Army - White House Court

From Original Ushaw Moor Memories BLOG

  1. Mitzi simpson
    August 26, 2011 at 12:17 am

    When i lived in Jubilee st, New Brancepeth. The salvation army would come down the front street on a sunday morning. Cant remember if it was every week, but was always a welcome site. Next Door to us no 36 lived Ivy and John Cook, they were brother and sister and Ivy went to the Salvation Army at ushaw moor every week. Think it was early evening service.
    John played the organ at the chapel

  2. Brian mcloughlin
    August 26, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    These are fantastic photographs Michael and thanks for bringing back so many memories. Was Mr and Mrs Dickinson who lived at 12 Whitehouse Court your grandparents? My family grew up alongside the Dickinson family, Syd, Betty, Dennis and Tom who is my age. Happy days. That was a great area to grow up in. With regards to Mitzis comments she is absolutely right. Ivy Cook was a member of the Salvation Army and attended the Citadel at the Bottom of Station Road in Ushaw Moor. I can still see Ivy Cook in her Salvation Army uniform. Mr Cook, or John Willy Cook as he was known was a lay preacher at the Methodist Chapel at the bottom of the Store Bank in New Brancepeth. I can

    see him crossing between Jubilee Street and Harvey Street to go through the Club opening and down Unthank Terrace to the chapel at exactly 1.30 pm for Sunday School every Sunday afternoon. He was always immaculately dressed with his Bible tucked under his arm. my whole family were born at 29 Harvey Street which was almost opposite the home of Mitzi. Anymore photos of the area Michael. Brian Mc.

  3. Brian mcloughlin
    August 26, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    My apologies for the first spelling of Ivy Cooks name in my first comment. Incidentally Mr Cook or Ivy also gave piano lessons as the piano commanded pride of place in many homes in those days. Brian Mc.

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