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Who Was That Fellow?

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My mother was born Lilian Hope and married twice; firstly to Matt Bell and then to Don Albone. That said I  understand that her very first love was a chap called Tyson Sinden and it is possible that she was engaged to him. Does that name mean anything to anyone?


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A Self Defeating Wall Of Silence

August 10, 2011 1 comment

The old village mining community helped its own in times of real trouble; heartfelt words of consolation were frequently accompanied by offers of constructive help. No one was short of  sugared tea and victuals for very long, even if sometimes the giver had reservations about the receiver.

But very occasionally empathy and generosity disappeared; a breakdown might have occurred between neighbours, or even more sadly, between family members.

A life long rift between a mother and daughter, over some perceived slight, was and is tragic and it does happen from time to time. I can recall my grandmother observing and commenting about  such breakdowns.

Some of these breakdowns in communication last for decades but [always supposing there is a relationship worth saving] such lifelong walls of silence are tragic and unnecessary. Bearing in mind that every human being, at least in the western world, is so lucky to have been born in the first place one feels like saying to those concerned:

‘Get over it. Patch it up. Grow up. Start communicating. Start loving. Help each other. Let the healing begin’.


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Ushaw College Swimming Bath

August 10, 2011 7 comments

Ushaw College Swimming Baths

Photo of Swimming Baths Ushaw College.

Anyone remember this ? Was it available for anyone to use or just the Students of the College ?