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Ushaw Moor Memorial Hall.

July 26, 2011 7 comments

This building is now unfortunately demolished along with a lot of the places of entertainment in the village. I spent many happy hours there and it was a focal point as we became teenagers, especially during the winter nights. I have to finish now as something has come up so I will return the subject of this building as soon as I get time.

Brian Mc.

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Examples Of Rough Ushaw Moor Weather 1947 – 1985

July 26, 2011 4 comments

There was a  lot of snow in Ushaw Moor during the period January to March 1947 and Brian M [Noodles] made reference to it in an earlier article. The Moor also suffered a severe gale in early February 1948 with 95 miles per hour winds recorded in Durham city. No doubt Sleetburn got it as well!

There was heavy snow for much of early March 1958. Seven years and a bit later there was again tons of it [November 65].

March 79 brought a snowstorm and 1985 brought lots of snow during the Christmas festive period.

Were you born during any of those periods? Or married? Or on holiday elsewhere?

Most of the information was derived from family records with a bit from the Ferryhill weather records.


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