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About One And A Half Pages

That is all an entry to The Glittering Prize Competition amounts to. Apart from prestige; let’s not forget prestige. And entertaining us all.

I think the old Durham County Council school note books had blue covers and each page had thirty lines, so let us say, on average, ten words to a line  x about forty five lines = word count comfortably fulfilled.

In the past Brian M has already done his ‘duty’ several times over and if there are no entries to judge he may well end up being offered the Glitter on a well deserved honorary basis!

So what will contestants write about? Will it be about the clear and sparkling waters that betrayed the little Broadgate minnows? Or will it be about you smiling at vicar Welby as he passed you by, but not on the other side?

Will it be about you catching sight of the Ushaw Moor banner for the very first time? Or will it be an account of the dark forces of  school bullying? What about scoring from a penalty for the school team? Were you in the school netball team [hopefully that is one for the ladies] or was your strength, expertise and dishonesty invested in  conker competitions?

Moving on, were you excited about furnishing your first home or aghast at the insects under your carpet?

Maybe your wonderful grandparents or uncle/aunt/parents can inspire enough words.

In a  little more than two weeks in will be all over and in the meantime the excitement is building. Well it ought to be anyway.




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  1. noodles
    June 14, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    Wilf, Just back from Rome with a hell of a chill and fever. Getting over it now. Still read your entries but I get lost on Blog as I have never had it fully explained to me. I am going to make an attempt to understand the damn thing. I cannot write as at the back of my mind I do not know if the machine will accept my work. My granddaughter is a wizard at this type of work on the computer so I will arrange for lessons. At the moment I feel as if I am at a loose end and I would like to take on a mammoth task like learning German. I am vice chairman of a local club but I feel that does not fulfil what I want to do. Gurten abend Wilf. Keep up the good work.

    Brian Mc.

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