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Soccer Gleghorn’s Plans Are Well Advanced

There is much to look forward to despite last year’s problems;  Soccer describes them as ‘a damp squib’ and is determined to get them sorted. He has been busy behind the scenes recruiting players that he thinks are good enough to wear the strip of Ushaw Moor FC.

He has help from the trusted Shaun Avery and Alan Dawson; their trips on wind swept days and snow driven week-ends to spot likely talent are much appreciated by the great man and optimism reigns. Soccer is holding his cards to his chest but did say that informal agreements have been made with four very talented amateurs and there are more signings in the pipeline.

The level of admission charges is problematic: to charge too much will put off the Ushaw Moor public, but too little will put them at a disadvantage with Esh Winning. Soccer remembers the old days with great affection, 1/6 for adults and 6d for kids and OAP’s. So what level will  he plump for?

He is determined not to make HMRC suffer by stuffing money in footballer’s boots – an alleged practice in the very dim past at one or two clubs!  To paraphrase Soccer – honesty and integrity will be the way for us at this club. I wish him well.


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