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Nigella Lawson And Wilf Together On This One

For years I have been the subject of my children’s ridicule and occasionally it has made me feel a touch silly and insignificant; but some people have their day, when sweet vindication arrives and the sentence

‘I told you so’

can be uttered with full justification.

The problem often started on the 25th of December, when  the stomach was replete and the Tio Pepe had been savoured. Out trotted my sunny nostalgia regarding porridge, chestnuts, spotted dick and …….boiley. Much youthful hooting and braying would follow and their mum  then wore a look of resignation in the knowledge that she has married the northern boiley man.

Boiley was what we had as a pick up during cold plodgy Deerness winters; white bread was broken up into little pieces and added to a bowl of hot milk; a generous amount of white sugar was then applied to it and the dish was then ready for consumption by the child of early 1950s parents.

Yesterday I discovered that Nigella Lawson had included boiley in her Nigella Feasts and furthermore she had  declared that her mother had served it to her as a nice comforting treat at the end of the day. It is true that she had not called it boiley and it is also true that she had used vanilla sugar but even so boiley is boiley!


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