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Let’s Hear It For Pigeons

March 9, 2011 8 comments

Let me say at the outset that what I know about racing pigeons would cover an area about the size of four average postal stamps. Not a lot then, but I am interested to read more.

Be aware that Ushaw Moor has had its pigeon triumphs e.g. back in 1965 Pearson and Partners won the prestigious Queens Cup; there must be a story to tell about and perhaps we might hear it in the not too distant future.

I understand that New Brancepeth still has some pigeon fanciers although quite a few are getting on in life and that might raise a question or two about how it will go in the future. I understand from at least one web site that some well known names in the New Brancepeth pigeon fraternity may include: Barton, Alder, Fullard  Curry and Ramm [that name has cropped up a few times in the past in the context of  local football and cricket].

Anyone that can remember steam trains will be able to recall pigeon baskets on railway stations so there may well be a bit of nostalgia to tap into. I await it! Just as we  chew the cud about famous footballers of the past [Carter, Crooks, Shackleton, Ford, Montgomery, Simpson etc] we also had some famous pigeons, such as  GI Joe and Mocker; to hear about their war exploits can be enthralling so let us be having it. Please!



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