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Domestic Science Would Have Made A Man Of Me Much Earlier

February 25, 2011 1 comment

Back in the late 50s and early sixties a large majority of children were fodder for essential but often dull and uninspiring employment.  Much potential was thwarted by misconceived education theory. Woodwork was all right if you were chipper and liked wood but gardening would do little for the  important university interview experienced by the few. Then there was domestic science.

Domestic science was never offered to any male pupil that I knew. In the culture of that time it might have had such a pansy image that any offer of that subject to boys could well have led to shame and a refusal to co-operate. But I would have co-operated;  I would have liked to have captained the school football team at the weekend and then produced an orange drizzle cake on school premises [and scones if there was time] on the following Monday.

As a matter of fact I produced a half decent orange drizzle cake not two hours ago. 51 years late. I greased, base-lined, creamed,  folded and turned like a man possessed of…… little confidence.

Confidence is a funny thing; armed with it the world is yours and mine but without it there are tears, self doubt and a broken promise. My cake looks good. Very good. A little saggy in the middle mind.

I reckon it needed another ten minutes.

If there is any man out there that needs to drizzle just drop a comment. We can grease and cream by gentle direct learning whilst our better half paints the ceiling.


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